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Unpublished Work
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Witter, Michael; Stewart,M.
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Perspectives of PATH benefeciaries on current and other payment methods
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Seeks to highlight the views on the payment process to be captured and accounted for in the final decision on the most suitable payment system for Jamaica. The research seeks to answer the following questions: [1] what were the views of beneficiaries on the current PATH payment system, what problems and issues concerned them? [2]What were the views of beneficiaries on the time and cost of accessing benefits? [3] What were beneficiaries' preferences for future PATH methods? A three pronged approach was used in the collection of beneficiary's views. The approach consisted of interviews with PATH beneficiaries from seven parishes and focus group sessions with beneficiaries from two parishes. The sample size used in this research is 388 representing 0.25 per cent of the total PATH beneficiary population as at June 2004. The interviews and focus group sessions were conducted to get more detailed feedback from PATH beneficiaries on the current payment system, their recommendations for its improvement and their views on alternative systems. The focus groups therefore sought to probe in a more interactive way to validate the results of the survey as well as to glean insights into the experience of the beneficiary which may have been missed in the survey. Research limitations include issues such as: [1] time and budgetary constraints which disallowed the canvassing of communities and/or beneficiaries in all parishes; [2] In households with multiple beneficiaries a single cheque is printed in the name of the head of the household and so only the recipient of the cheque is interviewed or involved in the focus group; [3] interviews outside the Kingston Metropolitan are were hampered by the late distribution of cheques to beneficiaries in the month of August. On a whole there were positive responses to the PATH programme and the current payment system. The findings of the research indicate that there is very little enthusiasm for a change in the system. The only change believed necessary is a change to a monthly cycle as the programme is performing credibly.....
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