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Applied Ethics
Economic Development
International Macroeconomics
"Caribbean-Canadian in Us Now" on Caribbean/Canadian Writing
"Troubled and Troubling Performances of Caribbean Masculinities Abroad: Austin Clarkes The Origin of Waves"
"Voices Under the Window of Representation: Austin Clarke's Poetics of Body-memory in The Meeting Point"
(W)uman Tong(ue): How Me See It - Observations on Jamaican Life
1994-2003 Ten Year reviewof Breast Cancer at the KPH
2006- The efficacy of Isotonic Saline in the resuscitation of the multiple trauma patient
A Breast Imaging Audit
A comparison of anthropometry of mothers and infants within the puerperium with respect to maternal age
A Comparison of Body Composition between Pregnancies of Teenage Girls and Mature Women and the Impact on Fetal Growth and Birth Outcome
A five year review of all operative hysteroscopies done at the University Hospital of the West Indies
A Gamma/X-ray Flourescence spectrometer and software for radiation measurement of nuclear reactor
A history of Spanish Town
A needs Assessment for an Inner-city High School
A new operating proctoscope
A prospective analysis of first contact patients seen in the Small Health Locality in Birmingham, UK
A prospective study of Maternal Obesity and Pregnancy Outcomes at the Universiity Hospital of the West Indies
A randomized controlled trial comparing the use of clomiphenene citrate with menogon for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in couples undergoing intrauterine insemination
A randomized double blind lpacebo controlled trial of a combination of Gingko biloba and ginseng (gincosan) in dementia of varying aetiology
A randomized double blind placebo controlled trial of a combination of Gingko biloba and ginseng (gincosan) in dementia of varying aetiology
A review of open splenectomy in children with sickle cel disease
A study comparing differences in vascular responses in blacks as compared to whites in patients with strokes.
A study of gonado-toxicity and sperm shape anomalies of 5 - FU on mice testis
A study of job satisfaction and dissatisfaction among Secondary school teachers in Jamaica
A study of the Change From Within Project
A study of the management of school facilities in Jamaican schools
A study of the use of open medical wards versus specialist psychiatric units for treatment of patients with acute psychoses
A study to estimate the incidence and prevalence of HIV / AIDS among teachers and students in Jamaica's education sector
A surgical Textbook for the Caribbean
A survey of the emergency management of agitated or aggressive psychotic patients in two Kingston hospitals
A ten-year outcome study of first contact schizophrenia in Jamaica
Abortifacient action of some extracts from Jamaican plants
Academic Specialization: Social Work Macro Practice
Acrylamide in food and mechanism of its formation in living system
Acute Renal Failure and Cardiac Surgery
Adolescent Development
Adolescent sexuality
Adolescents and all that is related to them.†
Adolescents and youth
Advanced Research Methods
African Diasporic Studies
African Politics
African reclamationism and the political thought of Theophilus Scholes
African/Caribbean Political Thought
Africana Political THought
Age-friendly guidelines
Age-friendly guidelines - a multicountry study
Agricultural Economics
Alexander Bedward, 1889-1921
Alumina extraction efficiencies in the Bayer process
Amino acid and Fatty Acid content of Jamaican Noni Morinda citrifolia
An analysis of Severe Dengue Infections at UHWI.
An assessment of the effectiveness of asthma clinics in Jamaica
An ethnographic study of adolescents at an urban high school
An evaluation of an Assertive Outreach program in severely mentally ill patients in Birmingham, UK.
An evaluation of Homelessness in Jamaica
An Index for rational pre-operative generation of Crossmatch requests for blood
An open randomized study on IVF outcome with two fixed daily dose regimens of gonadotropin (300 IU vs. 450IU): Is there a difference
Anaesthesia-The Medical Students' Perspective
Anaesthetic Morbidity in patients at the UHWI
Analysis of marketing margins for major food crops in Jamaica
Analysis of the Objective Structured Clinical Examination in the UWI MBBS Examination
Animal models of preeclampsia
Anti-diabetic properties of Neem Leaf extract on STZ - induced Type II diabetic rats
Anti-hyperglycemic effects of the crude aqueous extract of Rice Bitters
Anti-trust economics
Antifertility effects of some selected plants including the drug of abuse - Cannabis sativa Azadirachta indica etc.
Antimicrobial resistance and molecular studies of enterococci
Antiobiotic sensitivity to Helicobacter pylori in Jamaica
Antiviral Resistance of Influenza A viruses in Jamaica
Application of philosophical tools to the analysis of issues, problems and beliefs in the Jamaican space - be it in education, business, health, law enforcement, social, political and cultural domain
Applied Anthropology
Applied Econometrics
Applied Microeconomic Theory
Applied Microeconomics, Economic Growth Theory
Applied Psychology
Applied Research Methods
Archaeology of Jamaica, West Africa, Central and Eastern Europe
Are ruptured and phlegmonous appendictis two separate diseases?
Asbestos usage and pollution in Jamaica/Caribbean: public, occupational and environmental health impact and policy lessons
Assessing anthropogenic impacts and the threats posed by invasives on the swamp forest of the black river morass,St.Elizabeth,Jamaica.
Assessing digital library software for Caribbean libraries
Assessment of endometrial abnormalities prior to invitro fertilization:Comparison between the use of Saline Contrast Hysterosonogam (SCHS) and Hysterocopy
Assessment of Literacy Performance
Assessment of the quality of obstetric care (competency of skilled birth attendants, role of enabling environment in service performance, delays in delivery of emergency obstetric care
Attitude Change
Audit of Radical Hysterectomies done at the University of the West Indies
Autism in Jamaica, prevalence and presenting features
Autogeneous bone grafting in periodant lesions using oral tori or Edentulous area as donor site
Autosomal Dominant Heredity Spstic Paraplegia in Jamaica
AZT for reduction of mother-infant transmission of HIV in pregnancy
Banking in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Barclays Bank (DCO), 1926-1962
Bayesian Econometrics and Statistics
Behaviour Modification
Beliefs and practices of Jamaican teacher educators in environmental education: A qualitative case study
Beyond the music:Assessing adolescents' peceptions and values about sexual reproductive health
Bile Duct Injuries in the Laparoscopic era at the UHWI
Bio-critical entry on Cecil Foster
Biochemical Pharmacology
Biochemical Studies of Gestational Diabetes in the Jamaican Population
Bioconversion of Agro-Industrial Wastes for Profit - Agro-Biotechnology and Bio-Remediation
Biography of Bishop Herman Spence
Biography of Daniel Fignole
Biological effects of extracts from Ackee (Blighia sapida)
Biomonitoring of AIr Pollution Using Nuclear Techniques,INternational Atomic Energy Agency
Blood loss and transfusion requirement in patients with total knee replacement
Blood Usage in Elective Neurosurgical Patients at the UHWI
Body composition in adult survivors of severe malnutrition
Body Image
Body-memory Poetics: Materiality, Meta-textualiaty and Performance in Caribbean/Canadian Writing
Bone regeneration - "Orgunsalu's Sandwich technique"
Book on language and literacy teaching in a Creole-speaking environment
Border disputes
Border security
Breast Cancer Study Group at UHWI
Breast pain as deterrent to mammographic screening in Jamaica
Building Academic Success for Inner City Schools (Basics) Initiative
Building cost-effective educational technology solutions using bundled elements
Building Resilient Communities
Business Economics
Business Intelligence
Business Law
Capital cities in the English Atlantic
Cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis after hysterectomy
Cardiovascular disease lifestyle pilot intervention
Caribbean Art, Design & Visual Culture
Caribbean Children's Literature
Caribbean Culture; Popular Culture (especially popular music); Visual Caribbean Artistic Traditions; Creative Industries
Caribbean Economic Thought: Establishing a Firmer Foundation for the Field of Study
Caribbean politics
Caribbean Spiritualities (including Rastafari/Revival, Lukumi, Spiritual Baptist
Caribbean Thought and the Policy Discourse
Caribbean women and their children - Case studies from Jamaica ad Trinidad
Case study analysis of behavioural intervention for self-induced rectal prolapse
Casebook: Worker and the Law
Ceftazidime resistant Salmonella enteritidis
Central Banking & Monetary Policy
Centre for Diseae Control (CDC Defined Diseases in Pregnant HIV-Infected Jamaican Women
Cerebrovascular Accidents at the UHWI-causes and costs
Challenging Gender Privileging Issues of Leaderships and Body Image
Changes of hypoglycin content in ackee during maturation and with different ackee varieties
Characterisation and quantification of the phytoestrogenic content of some commonly used Hamaican foods and lkevels in health and disease
Characteristics of bauxite that affect alumina extraction efficiences under low temperature digestion conditions
Chemical applications on the internet
Chemistry of the water from different varieties of coconuts grown in Jamaica and determination of the factors affecting the production of pigments in processed coconut water
Chevere! Level 1. and Chevere! Level 2.
Chevere! Level 4
Child abuse in Jamaica: prevalence, presenting features and quality of care
Child Rights and Poverty
Child Sexuality
Childhoos Screening for Lead Poisoning and Mitigation in Jamaica, Environmental Foundation of Jamaica
Chlamydia trachomatis and other microbial causes of reactive arthritis in Jamaicans
Chronic renal failure and Cardiac Disease
Citizenship Education
Civil Society
Civilian Cranial Gunshot Wounds. A Jamaican Experience.
Climate Change
Climate Change, Green Economy,
Climate Changes and long term climate variability within the Caribbean
Climate Databases
Climate studies(Impacts on Health and Agriculture)
Clinical features predictive of abnormalities on CT scan in head trauma of the brain
Clinical Social Work
Co-morbidity and depression in medical clinics at the University Hospital of the West Indies
Co-morbidity and depression in medical clinics at the University Hospital of the West Indies
Coastal communities-high risk or poor planning: Annotto Bay, Jamaica: A case study
Coffee in Jamaica, 1790-1850
Colonial Agricultural policy in Nigeria, 1920-1951
Colorectal cancer: UHWI Experience
Communities of practice
Community and social informatics
Community development
Community Education
Community Organization
Community Psychology
Community, domestic and school violence in Jamaican children. Exposure and Effects
Comparative criminology and criminal justice
Comparative Family networking in Barbados, Antigua and Jamaica
Comparative local governance and public policy analysis
Comparative local government reform policy
Comparative Pension Policy & Old Age Politics
Comparative Politics
Comparative Politics of Latin America
Comparing the efficiency of Community Health services in two parishes in Jamaica
Comparison of Body Composition between Pregnancies of Teenage Girls and Mature Women and the Impact on Fetal Growth and Birth Outcome
Comparison of paravertebral anaesthesia with general anaesthesia for breast surgery at the UHWI
Comparison of the Blom-Singer valve and the Provox value in speech rehabilitation post-laryngectomy
Comparison of the nutritional and anti-nutritional components of several transgenic papaya lines with a non-transgenic variety
Competition/Industrial Organization,
Complications of Percutaneous Nephrostomies placed by the Radiology Department UHWI
Conduct Disorder
Conducting an educational Research for the PhD degree in Mathematics
Conservation of Biodiversity, Improvement of Production and Exploitation of Tropical Tuber Crops for Sustainable Development, Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Molecular Biology
Consumer Culture and Behaviour
Consumer Economics
Consumer knowledge of, attitude towards, and perception of genetically modified foods
Contemporary Political Theory
Coping with "crises"/change in higher education - US Research Universities and Britain with a view to making comparisons with the Caribbean
Corporate Communication and Self Presentation
Corporate Training
Correlation of fine needle aspiration cytology and the histopathology of salivary gland lesions
Creation and linguistic analysis of a database of spoken French of Jamaican learners of French
Creation of DNA profiles for some Jamiacan trees
Creolizing Theory: Anglophone CAribbean Criticism in the Twentieth Century
Cricket Development at the Base of Caribbean Societies
Crime and criminal justice in the Caribbean
Crime and punishment in Jamaica in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Crime control
Cross-Cultural comparison of sexual and romantic jealousy in Senegalese and Jamaican Women
Cultural capital in Jamaica
Culture of Enslaved Africans
Culture, reggae and Dancehall
Dancehall Philosophy
Danger Detection and Non-verbal Communication
Decision Science
Decreased risk of postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) after emergency versus elective open cholecystectomy: Implications for a different approach to PONV prophylaxis
Defensiveness in Employees
Defining and Measuring Remittance Flows to Caribbean Countries: The Case of Jamaica
Degenerative disc disease of the Lumbar spine on MRI-who, where and some associations
Degradation and fate of pesticides and their metabolities
Democracy and Democratization
Democracy and Governance
Demographic analysis
Densified GPS measurements to determine the activity of individual Jamaican faults
Depo medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) therapy for uterine myomata prior to surgery
Depression among 4th form students in St.Vincent and the Grenadines (DM Thesis)
Depression Among Fourth-Form Students in Three High Schools in KIngston, Jamaica
Depression in Adolescence:New Developments
Determinants of Migrant Remittances: The CARICOM experience
Determination of the levels of Acrylamide (possible carcinogen) in Jamaican Foods
Developing, piloting and implementing syllabus for CXC in music
Development Economics
Development Issues
Development of a model for post natal care aimed at reducing long term morbidity and late maternal mortality
Development of Low Cost Community-based Intervention Programmes for the Severely Mentally Ill: A Feasibility Study
Development of Multielement Analysis Methods for Industriak Materials, UWI/IDB R&D Project
Development of poly-pyridyl-like molecular sensors
Development of the Philosophy Discipline, Programme and Faculty at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Kingston, Jamaica
Development Planning and Policy
Development Studies
Developmental and Conduct Disorders and Rehabilitations
Diaspora & Migration
Dictionary of Caribbean Women
Digital topographic analysis and topographic signature identification, including geocomputational and mathematical analyses of land surfaces
Dionne Brand's - A Door to the Map of No Return
Disabilities - Disabilities Studies and Management
Disability Studies
Disaster Mitigation and Risk Reduction Environment and Sustainable Development.
Disaster Preparedness and Response
Disaster Reduction and Management
Discourse of Development -CARICOM, Small States, Vulnerabilities
Documentary film on Haitian Independence
Documentation of Neuropsychiatric Research in the Caribbean
Domestic and international criminal justice policy-drug and immigration policy analysis
Double blind randomized trial on the Use of Interceed on oviducts and incisions versus incision to increase pregnancy rates post myomectomy
Double Independent Rerading at Screening Mammography with Arbitration at the UHWI: The initial experience
Drug problem
Drug use and abuse in urban and rural High schools in Jamaica
DVT at the UHWI-clinical associations and predisposing factors
Dynamic Panel Empirical Evidence of Exchange Rate Regimes: A Common Currency Case for the CSME
Early English Jamaica
Early musical education and field experiences of student teachers
Early-Onset Type 2 Diabetes: Metabolic and Genetic Characterization in Mexico and Jamaica
Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders,
Ecological Theory
Econometric Theory
Econometrics/Time Series
Economic and Social Development
Economic burden of chronic diseases in the CARICOM states
Economic Contribution of Seniors to Development
Economic Development
Economic Development Policy
Economic Modeling
Economic thought in the English-speaking Caribbean Academic and Pre-Academic
Economics of Education
Economics of Religion
Economics of Sport
Economics of technological change and development
Education policies of Caribbean States, 1500-1990
Education Policy
Educational Administration
Effect of breakfast on long-term school achievement in Jamaican children.
Effectiveness of Papaya poultice as an enzymatic debriding wound dressing
Effects of haemoglobin concentration per trimesters on perinatal outcomes
Effects of Music on Learning and aggression
Electoral laws/Electoral reform
Electoral matters
Electoral systems
Electron Transfer reactions of dinuclear molybdenum (V) complexes
Electron transfer reactions with di-nuclear iron (III) cyanobridged complex with sulfite, ascorbic acid and other reducing agents
Electronic Governance
Emerging, opportunistic parasitic infections in patients with HIV/AIDS
Emperical Analysis of the Financial Experiences of Mexico and Jamaica in the Mid 1990's
Empirical Macroeconomics
Empyema thoracic in Jamaica (6 yr study)
Endoscopic (Laparoscopic) Surgical Procedures
Energy and macronutrient analysis of Jamaican based convenience foods
Energy Economics
Energy Economics/Electric Power Industry,
Energy Efficiency and the BOP Deficits-BOP Constrained Growth
Energy requirements, body composition, and cardio vascular risk in Jamaica adults
Enhancing the Function and Impact of Nursing "Leadership Hubs "A knowledge transfer and exchange strategy for HIV & AIDS policy development in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.
Enteroviral infection
Environmental Assessment of Ardenic in the Parish of St.Elizabeth
Environmental Economics
Epidemiology of Angiostrongylus cantonensis infection in Jamaicans
Epidemiology of emerging opportunistic parasitic infections in persons living with HIV/AIDS in Jamaica
Epidemiology of nosocomial fungemia at the University Hospital of the West Indies
Escherichia coli susceptibility to co-amoxiclav after 15 years of use
Essay-writing handbook for Jamaican student-teachers
Ethnographic Study of Centenarians in Jamaica
Ethnopharmacology(screening of local plant extracts for pharmacological activities
Euro-transatlantic Relations
Evaluating the relationship between physical affection and violence
Evaluation and integration of molecular based assays in the diagnosis and monitoring of Acute and chronic hepatitis B and C infections at the UHWI.
Evaluation of a multidisciplinary cultural therapy team approach as a risk-reduction intervention in violence and high-risk behaviours at an inner-city school in Kingston, Jamaica
Evaluation of a multidisciplinary cultural therapy team approach as a risk-reduction intervention in violence and high-risk behavious at an inner-city school in Kingston, Jamaica
Evaluation of risk factors in renal disease in pregnancy
Evaluation of screening, referal and early childhood interventions for children 0-8 years old at risk for under and over-nutrition and poor growth in Jamaica
Evaluation of Social Programmes
Evaluation of teh use of Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Tests at the UHWI
Evaluation of the incidence and causes of maternal mortality 1998-2003 and the efficiency of the maternal mortality surveillance system at identifying incident cases
Evaluation of the Knowledge, Practices and Concerns of Physicians to influenza pandemic preparedness in Jamaica
Evaluation of the technical component of the Primary Education Support Project
Examination of Aspects of Emotional Health Among Clients with HIV Infection, connective tissue Disorders and a matched Comparison Group in Jamaica
Examining Teachers' Attitudes Toward Teaching Physical Education
Examining whether different regions in the United States have different reactions to monetary policy
Exchange Market Pressure and Reserve Fluctuations: The Mid 1990s Mexican Experiences
Exchange Market Pressure, Sterilized Intervention and Monetary Policy in Ghana
Export Processing Zones-the Caribbean Experience: The case of Jamaica and the Dominican Republic
Exposure to airborne asbestos in Jamaican Hospitals
Extraction and characterisation of constituents of essential oils from local aromatic plants
Extranodal lymphomas of the head and neck
Factors contributing to access to information in the Caribbean
Factors related to academic performance of undergraduate students at UWI, Mona
Family and Women Owned Businesses
Family Relationships (specifically with adolescents)
Family Structures and Parenting
Fatty liver study
Federation in the Eastern Caribbean
Fertility, Birth Spacing and Reproductive Health
Fifty three additional projects, accumulating on a list of research questions, are also being explored
Financial and tax management
Financial Economics,
Financial sector behaviour in the Caribbean
Financial sector crises
Financial Sector Development and Economic Growth
Financing Agriculture in Jamaica: An Assessment
Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment
Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency: Evidence from Latin America and Asian Countries
Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in a creolophone country: Implications
French Rural History since the Old Rgime
Gallbladder polyposis
Gallstone ileus in homozygous sickle cell disease
Gang violence
Garrison communities
Gender (Women and the Law) and Crime
Gender and ethnic minority representation
Gender and Socio-Economic Outcomes
Gender and Theory in past and Contemporary Caribbean History
Gender differences and neuroendocrine regulation of cognition
Gender differences in coping responses and beliefs about infertility between Jamaican men and women undergoing In Vitro Fertilisation
Gender issues particularly research and counselling for victims of abuse, physical, psychological and sexual
Gender Socialisation in the Caribbean
Genetic and dietary factors in cervical and cancer
Genetic and dietary factprs in prostate cancer
Genetic and Nutritional Factors in Human Disease - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Geochemical Mapping of Jamaican Soils, MPEC Research Fellowship Project
Geographic Information Systems
Global Positioning Satellite systems
Globalisation and Development
Globalization and the Jamaican Macroeconomy
Goal Oriented Adolescent Life Skills (GOALS) - A peer led AIDS prevention program for adolescents in Jamaica
Governance, Caribbean Leadership
Grass Root Political Movements
Green Issues in Tourism
Green Marketing in Travel & Tourism
Habitat and biodiversity conservation in Cockpit Country and Black River Morass of Jamaica
Haitian Literature and Culture, French Antillean Literature, Comparative Literature, French Foreign Language Teaching, Teaching of Translation.
Haitian migration to Jamaica in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
Haitian radicalism and foreign relations after the U.S. Occupation (1915-1934)
Haitian Revolution; Morant Bay Rebellion
Health developmental and behavioural outcomes for Jamaican adolescents at15-16 years old
Health Economics
Health, development and behaviour of Jamaica's adolescents at 15-16 years
Hemispheric Free Trade: Caribbean Priorities
Hepatic Lobectomy in the Management of Secondary Malignant Disease
Heterogeneous Electron Tranfer Rates of polypyridyl ruthenium (II) complexes
Historic Landscape of Jamaica
History of Political Thought
History of the Department of Economics covering the period of establishment in 1955 to the present
HIV Heteroduplex mobility Analysis Subtyping
HIV infection, sexual abuse and social support in Jamaican adolescents referred to a psychiatrric service
HIV Seroprevalence, Uptake of Interventions to Reduce Mother-To-Child Transmissions and Birth Outcomes in Greater Kington, Jamaica
HIV/AIDS and Teacher Education
HLA and other molecular investigations on insulin dependent diabetes
Hospitality Green/Environmental Management
Hotel Environmental Auditing
Human Resource Management
Hydrothermal synthesis of Boehmite and Alumina nanomaterials from bauxite waste liquor
Hyperparathyroidism in Jamaica, A 21 year review
Hyperparathyroidism in Jamaica, A 21 year review. 1978-1999
Hypersensitivity reactions to local anaesthtic agents used in Dental Practice
Hypnotherapy as a tool for recovery
Hypoglycin in Blighia sapida (Ackee) and its possible role in Prostate Cancer Occurrence in Jamaican Men
ICT for political development
ICT Policy and Technology
Identities in Organization
Impact of Cockroach infestation on asthma symptoms in children 2-12 years
Impact of cockroach infestation on asthma symptoms in children 2-12 years old
Impact of Cockroach Infestation on the Development and Severity of Asthma in Children
Impact of cockroach infestationon asthma symptoms in children 2-12 years old
Impact of Globalization on Agriculture, Manufacture and Mining Industries in Jamaica
Impact of New Media Technology on Developing Markets
Impact of the Family Medicine component on third-year students during their Community Health rotation
Improvement of Community Health in the Hope RIver Valley through Lead Abatement
Incidence of infection in elective orthopaedic cases
Incidence of PDPH in obstetric patients at the UHWI
Incidence of PDPH in patients needing LP for radiological and haematological reasons at the UHWI
Incidence of PDPH with pencil point vs. Quincke spinal needles in obstetric patients at the UHWI
Incidence of spenules in a random sample of laparotomized Jamaican patients and implications for attempting splenorrhaphy for rupture
Indigenous Issues
Industrial Organization
Infanticide in European History
INfections in Neurosurgical Patients Admitted to the INtensive Care Unit (ICU) at the UHWI
Influenza Pandemic Surveillance and Research Opportunities in the Caribbbean
Informal economy
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Development
Information and communication technologies and their application within the education systems in the Caribbean
Information services for the disabled in the Caribbean
Information Systems
Information technology applications in Jamaican libraries
Inorganic reactions mechanisms
Input-Output Analysis,
Institutional Management
Institutionalist Economics
International Business Management
International Development Policy
International Economics
International Financial Economics
International Law
International Political Economy
International Politics
International Relations of the Caribbean
International Trade
Interviews with Jamaican educators
Intimate partner violence
INtrauterine insemination for the treatment of subfertility at the University Hospital of the West Indies: success rates and evaluation of prognostic factors
Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in Canadian children with Sickle Cell Disease: pre and post-pneumococcal conjugate vaccine era
Investigating Mathematics at the CXC general proficiency level
Investigation of Heavy Metals in the Jamaican Environment
Investigation of marine organisms in Jamaican waters for bioactive metabolites
Investigation, characterisation and identification of secondary metabolites from several folklore medicinal plants
Is Gastric cancer associated with H.Pylori infection in Jamaica?
Isolation of pure compounds from marine algal species
Issues related to†child and adolescent psychology
Jamaica Country Evaluation: Assessment of Development Results (ADR) - Poverty and Governance
Jamaica economic history
Jamaica in the 19th and 20th centuries
Jamaican Pharmacist and HIV / AIDS: a knowledge, attitudes, belief and practices survey
Jamaican Pharmacist and HIV/AIDS: a knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices survey
Jaw Bone Tumoursi n Jamaica: Radiological aspect, Clinical aspect, management
Jewish Refugees and Enemy Aliens in Jamaica during World War II
Juvenile Delinquency
Juvenile periodontitis and autogeneous bone grafting
Juvenile periodontitis in Jamaica. (Radiology)
Karst geomorphology and geomorphometry
Kinematic and Clinical Evaluation of young Fastbowlers i Jamaica and Susceptability to Back Injury
Labour Policy and Relations, Human Resources Development
Land and Pleasant Development in Jamaica, 1838-1938
Latin American Cinema, Literature and Afro-Hispanic Literature
Learning Styles of Third-year Medical Students
Leisure time physical activity and risk of obesity in Jamaican children, aged 9-12 years
Letter to the Editor Screening for Postpartum Depression
Lexical and syntactic dimension of the contact of French and Creole in Haiti
Lilia Momple's Neighbours
Literacy and health seeking behaviour of parents with children attending clinic at the Community Health Centre
Literary Representation of Haitian labour migration
Literature and Education for Sustainable Development
Loneliness among Students attending the UNiversity of the West Indies, Mona
Long-term dynamics and recovery of uncut and cut sites within a dry forest over limestone, and the implication for its management.
Macro/Monetary Economics
Macroeconomic Determinants of remittances Flows to Jamaica
Malaria and Leptospirosis as possible causes of fever during and epidemic of dengue in Jamaica
Male infertility, incidence and aetiological factors and treatment options
Male marginalisation and gender changes in society and the education system
Male Sexuality
Managerial Communication
Manchester Health and Lifestyle Survey !! to determine the prevalence of non-communicable diseases and the influence on health seeking behaviours and lifestyle following a health promotion intervention
Market Culture Research
Mass Media and Politics
Mass Murders
Mass/Elite Political Communication, Symbolism, & Cognition
Mathematics teachers' perspective on their current practice and how they view their practice in light of their training and expectations of significant others
Matrix Analysis
Measurement of Underground Economy and Implications for Policy: A Critical Review
Measurements of air pollution in the Kingston atmosphere, conducted at 10 sites around the city using passive monitors developed in the Department of Chemistry
Measuring the Co-morbidity of Substance Abuse, Violence, Psychopathology, Help-Seeking Behaviour and Attitudes towards Substance Abuse, Violence, Mental Illness and the Afflicted
Mechanism of resistance in Staphylococcus aureus
Media and Politics
Medicinal Plants. Plants, mainly from the Labiatae, Scrophulariaceae and Capparaceae families, are being examined to isolate and characterise the major natural products
Mega-trial of Safety and Efficacy of Pentavalent (G1, G2, G3, G4, and P1) Human Reassortant Rotavirus Vaccine in Healthy Infants
Mental Emotional Release Therapy (Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Hurt, Test Anxiety)
Mercury in Jamaican fish
Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Business Policy
Microbial transformations. Natural products of agricultural and pharmaceutical interest are structurally modified by selected strains of fungi in an effort to produce a range of new analogues with enhanced bioactivity
Microbiology of Juvenile periodontitis in Jamaica
Migration Studies
Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
Minor Oral Surgery(including Exodontia) under local anaesthesia in Community Dental practice
Mitigation of Lead Hazards in Kintyre/Hope Flats
Modern Spanish/Latin American Culture.
Molecular Analyses of Indigenous Caribbean Plant Crops for Economic Development and Health Purposes - Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Molecular Biology
Molecular Analysis of CSF and Serum in neuro HIV/AIDS patients at the UHWI, Jamaica.
Molecular epidemiology of enteroviral nervous system intections in Jamaica
Molecular Signal Transduction Mechanisms in Diabetes Mellitus - Biochemistry
Molecular studies on Helicobacter pylori infecting Jamaican patients
Molecular typing of ceftazidime resistant Klesbsiella pneumoniae
Monetary and macroeconomics issues in the context of developing economies
Monetary economics
Monitoring and Evaluation
Morbidity of surgical treatment of breast cancer and effect or nerve-sparinig axillary lymph node dissection
MTBE and other volatile organic compounds in the environment
MtDNA haplotypes and the African Sprinter: University of Glasgow, Scotland/University of Technology and University of the West Indies (Jamaica)
Multicenter Trial: Safety and Efficacy of Pentavalent Human-Bovine Reassortant Rotavirus Vaccine in Healthy Infants
Multigrade teaching and learning in Jamaican schools
Multiresistant Escherichia coli
Multivariate analysis
My research activity on the epidemiology of neurologic diseases in Jamaican children
Narratives of Fatherhood
National Security
Natural products from selected species of the endemic Jamaica flora
Neo-Ricardian Price Theory/Classical Political Economy,
Neuro-biological Anthropology
Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
Neuroendocrine Regulation of Learning & Memory: Interactions Between Gender, Oestrogen and Testosterone Variations and the Dopaminergic Mesolimbic System
Neuroendoscopy in Jamaica
Neuroprotective effects of Oestrogen on learning and memory in aged animals
New and Cheap Material for Guided Tissue Regeneration
New Cheap Material for Guided Tissue Regeneration
New Media and Digital Messaging
Nineteenth-century social history of Jamaica
Nitric oxide releasing coupounds and their bioefficacies
Nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in ground and surface waters and their fluxes to coastal zone
Non-compliance issues of hypertensive patients attending Hermitage August Town Health Centre
Non-compliance issues of hypertensive patients attending Hermitage August Town Health Centre
Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) ans weight gain in urban and rural adults in Jamaica, a low middle income country in epidemiological transition.
Normal magnetic resonance spectroscopic values for grey and white matter and the Hippocampus in the Jamaican population
Normal Semen analysis in Jamaica
Novel Lanthanide (III) based dendritic nan0-devices: syntheses, characterisation and luminescence spectroscopy and decay dynamics
Nutrient pollution in Jamaican coastal waters
Obstetric team leader - HIV/AIDS Prevention of mother to child transmission in pregnant women
Ocuupational exposure to blood and bloddy fluids among health care workers and students at the UHWI
Older Men's Issues
Ontogenic And Gender Differences In The Drug-Induced Behavioural Effects Of Cocaine and Marijuana
Open Source Software
Operative morbidity of patients undergoing myomectomy compared to abdominal hysterectomy
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Oral tori in Jamaica- clinical study
Organisation Development and Change
Organizational Behaviour Intervention
Organizational Development
Organizational Diagnosis & Intervention
Organizational Learning
OSCE development in Child Health
Outcome of homeless persons with mental illness, treated in two intervention programmes in Jamaica
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in patients undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation
PAHO/MInistry of Health/ UHWI Influenza Surveillance and Research
Pain at the bone graft site: incidence and prevention (prospective)
Parental attitude toward violence and its influence on children's interpretation of and response to community violence
Parental knowledge, attitudes and beliefs toward asthma
Parental stress in Jamaica
Parents' knowledge, concerns and misconceptions about immunization: The Jamaican perspective
Parkinson's disease in Jamaica. Stroke - Clinical outcomes CT analysis
Participatory Action Research
Participatory and Interpretive Research Methods
Pediatric and Perinatal HIV/AIDS Leadership Initiative in Kingston, Jamaica
Peer and educator victimization of children and adolescents
Penetrating neck injuries: outcome of carotid artery repairs, vertebral artery injuries, laryngeal trauma
Pension Reform
Performance of students in Economics degree courses
Perinatal Information System pilot project
Pharmacology of Apoptosis
Philosophical Analysis of Leadership in African and African Diaspora and its relation to Society and Development
Philosophical Examination of Injustice and Global Violence
Physician knowledge and practice concerning Caribbean asthma guidelines
Physiological and behavioural responses of children to different stressors
Phytooestrogens in Jamaican foods and the impact on hormone dependent disease such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis
Plant-Microbe Interactions and Molecular Plant Pathology - Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Pleasantness of Food: testing the manipulation of foods
Pneumococcal serotypes and resistance patterns in children with Sickle Cell Disease: a comparative study between a developing country and a developed country
Policy Analysis
Political Analysis
Political campaigning strategy
Political Development
Political economy
Political institutions
Political Institutions in Jamaica and The Lesser Antilles in the nieteenth century
Political Leadership
Political Marketing
Political Philosophy
Political Psychology/Sociology/Communication ("The Human Basis of Politics")
Political representation (Descriptive vs substantive representation)
Political Science,
Ponzi Schemes
Popular music
Popular music and associated health responses among female adolescents 15-19 years in three parishes if Jamaica (MPH Project report)
Portfolios as a means of assessment of Postgraduate Medical Students
Post-Traumatic Stress
Postcolonial Melancholy: Rethinking V.S. Naipaul and Jamaica Kincaid
Practicum/Field Instruction
Preference for SC injections through a cannula inserted under GA or IM injections of opioids used for postoperative pain relief
Pregnancy Outcome and Maternal Weight Gain in Women with Homozygous SS Disease and Birth Outcome
Preoperative assessment of patients and usefulness of routine testing
Prevalence of Depression and itsCo-morbidity in Jamaica
Prevalence of chronic renal failure in Diabetic Patients
Prevalence of Depression among 4th form High School Students in St. Kitts and Nevis
Prevalence of Depression and its Co-morbidity in Jamaica
Prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting:trial of a natural, pre-operative hepatic P450 enzyme induction agent
Prinatal Outcome of Women With Intracranial Neoplasms
Principal Investigator-PAHO funded study of "Dietary and lifestyle factors related to risk of obesity and hypertension in Jamaican women:implications for health promotion
Private Sector Development
Production Alternative for the Regional Sugar Industry
Professionalization of Primary and Secondary Education in Jamaica
Program evaluation
Programme Evaluation
Programme Planning
Programming of body composition ans metabolic syndrome in African origin children
Project Management
Project Management and Public Policy.
Project Title: Oxidative Stress and Androgen Receptor Mutations in male infertility and ICSI cycles
Prostate Cancer in Jamaica: The Contribution of Diet and Lifestyle factors
Psycho-social impacts of sickle cell disease
Psychohistoriographic short term psychotherapy
Psychological Assessment
Psychological Assessment and Interventions
Psychosocial and academic correlates of stress in Jamaican adolescents: a biochemical study
Public Finance
Public Management
Public Policy
Public policy analysis and management
Public Private Partnership
Public Sector Management
Public Sector Management,
Public Sector Multilateral Programme Management Administration
Qualitative health research (chronic diseases)
Qualitative Research (Narrative Methodology)
Quality of life assessment in a cohort of HIV-infected children in the KPAIDS Program
Quality of life assessment ina group of persons living with HIV / AIDS in Jamaica
Quantitative & Qualitative Political Research Methodology
Quantitative Data Analysis
Quantitative Research Methods
Race and Social Stratification
Race and Ethnicity
Race and Politics in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: The Centre for Ethnic Studies
Race, Violence and Decolonization
Radiology of Dental Implants
Radiology of fibro-osseous lesions of the Jaw bone in Jamaica
Randomized controlled trial of rectal misoprotol compared to intramuscular syntometrine for management of the third stage of labour
Randomized trial of EMLA A versus local anesthitic injection for analgesia during rubber band ligation of hemorrhoids
Randomized trial of the efficacy of superficial versus deep intraoperative local anesthetic injection in preventing postoperative pain
Randon Walk as a Universal Test of Weah-form Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency: A Theoretical Proof
Rastafari Studies
Re-examination of the role of anti-platelet agents in the management of pregnancy induced hypertension
Regional Economic Integration
Regional economic integration
Regionalism in a Globalized Age
Relationship between violent death of a loved one and psychological well being in adolescent boys
Relationships among selected learner variables and a sample of Jamaican upper sixth graders' performance in genetics
Remote sensing
Renewable energy studies
Repositional flap surgery in Community Dental Practice
Reproductive health
Reproductive health and development
Rereading Cuban Anti-slavery Narrative
Research Interests:
Research Methods
Research Methods (Quantitative and Qualitative)
Research Methods and Empirical Analysis
Research on reduplication in Caribbean Creole languages
Retrospective analysis of male factors in infertility in a cohort of infertile Jamaican couples.
Risk factors and aetiology of hospital acquired infection at the UHWI
Role of Amniocentesis for Patient Selection Prior to Rescue Cerclage(ABC Trial)
Salt Sensitivity to dietary reduction of sodium intake
School discipline and students' disruptive behaviours in Jamaican High schools
School Engagement
School Factors Associated with Depression 4th form High School in St. KItts
School Factors Associated with Depression in a Bahamian High School Cohort
School Factors Associated with Depression in a Jamaican High School Cohort
Science, Technology and Innovation for Development
Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
Science-technology-developement policy
Seasonal Prediction of Caribbean Climate
Second phase of evaluating computer usage in schools by secondary level students
Security and International Relations theories
Security threats
Sedation for Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: A comparative study of midazolam and diazepam
Seismic Microzonation of Kingston using 2D Finite Difference and Modal Summation Technique
Selection Issues in Health Insurance
Self-esteem, school performance and behaviour in Jamaican adolescents
Sepsis in the Intensive Care Unit (determining the incidence of positive sputum, blood and urine cultures, organisms and their resistance patterns and risk factors. A suitable empiric antibiotic protocol was suggested)
Serial testing for splenic function recovery after splenectomy as an indicator for doscontinuing antibiotic prophylaxis
Sexual Assault
Sexual identity
Sexuality in History
Signs for flow-meters
Single limb trauma in the A&E-Plain X-ray results
Sinonasal inverted papilloma
Skin Bleaching among patient at dermatology clinic at the UHWI
Skin bleaching/body modification
Small States and Global Society
Social and cultural development
Social and political history of nineteenth century Jamaica
Social Policy Analysis, Social Research Methods
Social Policy In Modern Industrial Societies
Social programme evaluation
Social psychology
Social relations and the political economy
Social Theory
Social Violence
Social Work - Administration & Management
Social work administration
Social work advocacy
Society, politics and culture in post-emancipation Guyana
Society, property and family relations in a French rural parish: Boisset since 1700
Sociodemographic Characteristics of Deportees in Community Residential Facilities
Sociodemograpic Characteristics of Deportees in Community Residential Facilities
Sociology of Punishment
Soil Erosion and Agricultural Development in Jamaica and the Wider Caribbean
Some Genetic and Biochemical Links between Gestational Diabetes and Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) in the Jamaican Population
Sosua, Dominican Republic: a Caribbean refuge from Nazism
South-South Cooperation
Sport and Politics
Sports Psychology and Motivation
Stakeholders accountability in Secondary Education in Jamaica
Standards in education in the Caribbean
State sovereignty
Statistical Analysis
Strategic Marketing
Strategic Planning for Infusion of Technology in Education: A study of the planning process of teachers and school administrators involved in the National Housing Trust's "Computers in Schools Project" in all 14 parishes
Strengthening nurses' capacity in HIV Policy Development in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.
Stress responses of tropical bacteria
Structural, microscopic and DSC studies of lead (II), zinc(II) and lithium carboxylates
Structure of the Jamaican crust from modeling Receiver Functions
Student perception of the 'educational environment ' at the Faculty of Medical Sciences UWI,Mona
Studies on extent of pollution by the gasoline additive, Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) in Ground-water and Soil
Study of Developing Integrated Response of Health Care Systems to Rapid Population Ageing
Study of "Developing Integrated Response of Health Care Systems to Rapid Population Ageing"
Sub-fascial haematomas following Pfannenstiel incision is a sub-fascial drain justified
Suicide in Jamaica 1996-2002
Supply Chain Management
Surgery in the Elderly-Is age a risk factor?
Survey Research, Perceptual Measurement, Social Data Visualisation
Surviving the First Year of Teaching: A Case study of the Induction Experiences of Three newly Qualified Teachers of History
Sustainable human and social development including: civil society roles & social participation (including policy advocacy)
Sustainable social and community development
Sustainable Tourism & Eco Tourism
Sustainable Tourism Development Planing & Polices
Symtoms of Depression Among CLients Attending HIV Clinics in Jamaica
Synovial Saroma of the Sterno-clavicular Joint
Syntheses, structure and luminescence spectroscopy of rare earth nanoclusters, their interactions with quantum dots, potential applications in diagnostic and therapeutic biomedicine and catalysis
Synthesis and chemistry of some biologically active heterocyclic compounds and their analogues
Synthesis and structure determination of sulfito-chromium (III) macrocyclic complexes.
Tax Reform in the Caribbean Region
Teacher Education and curriculum reform
Teaching and Research
Team Building/Group Facilitation/Group Dynamics
Technical co-operation in the development process
Technology and Slavery
Telecommunications and Broadcasting regulation
Ten Year Review of Breeast Cancer at the KPH
Term structure of interest rates as means of forecasting interest rates and inflation in developing economies
Terrorism and†political violence
Tertiary Education and Performance
Tetanuis: A Recurring Intensive Care Problem in Jamaica
Textbook rental schemes in urban and rural High schools in Jamaica
The adoption of environmental education in Jamaican teachers' colleges
The Art of Clash
The Black family in Jamaica, 1834-1882
The Black Family in Post - Slavery Jamaica
The City in British, American and postcolonial fiction
The Clinical Epidemology of Toxocariasis in Jamaican Children
The combined effects of different stressors and marijuana on behaviour
The contribution of diet to prostate cancer in Jamaica: a case-control study
The cultural history of Jamaica, 1865-1920
The development of strategies to improve full literacy in Jamaica using multiple modalities to teach adult literacy learners
The Economics of Crime, Corruption and Terrorism
The effect of a redesigned teaching curriculum on medical students' performance in the final examination at the University of the West Indies
The effect of a redesigned teaching curriculum on medical students' performance in the final examination at the University of the West Indies
The Effect of Introduction of Misoprostol for Induction of Labour on Pregnancy of Outcome in Gravida's With Pre-Eclampsia
The effect of Iron (Fe) on abnormal menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia)
The effect of Iron on haemoglobin during pregnancy per trimester in relation to foetal outcome
The effect of pelvic peritoneal stripping on fertility rates in women with Endometriosis
The effects of iron on abnormal menstrual bleed (menorrhagia)
The epidemiology of respiratory infections
The epidemiology, clinical presentation and outcome of fungal hair and scalp infection at the University Hospital of the West Indies
The frequency of CDC-defined clinical conditions among children with HIV/AIDS
The history of Chinese Economic Thought
The History of the Muslim Ummah in Jamaica
The HLA and reactive arthritis
The HLA human immunonodeficiency virus associations in Jamaicans
The home, social and educational background of students entering the secondary school system in relation to their level of achievement in reading in a selected number of secondary schools
The Impact of Globalization on West Indies Cricket
The implementation of the revised primary curriculum: A study of Jamaican school teachers and their concerns
The Importance of Practice in Learning to Teach Physical Education: The Case for an Extended Practicum
The incidence and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of baterial and fungal isolates from blood, sputum and urine samples in the Intensive Care Univt, UHWI
The incidence of autoimmune antibodies in patients with recurrent abortions
The influence of parental presence on child behaviour and development
The Jamaican Breast Disease Study
The JCAMP-DX spectroscopic data format and distribution of scientific data via the WWW
The molecular analysis of endemic and emerging influenzza viruses in Jamaica
The molecular epidemiology of the human immunodeficiency virus - type 1 in Jamaica
The Neurobiology of Drug Addiction: Neurophysiological and Behavioural Mechanisms Associated with Addiction
The Pharmacology of Nutraceutical Compounds
The place of Philosophy in Distance Education Curriculum Development and Application
The Political Economy of Jamaica's Inner City Electoral Contests
The Politics of Hybridity and Caribbean Studies
The Politics of Latin American Integration:Past experiences and future projections
The problems and prospects of the double shift system of schooling in Jamaica
The reassessment of existing explanations of feminisation of teaching in light of historical and contemporary data from different parts of the world
The Redemption Song Monument: A Mirrir of Jamaica's Socio-Cultural and Aesthetic Heritage
The relationship between financial sector intermediation and economic growth: and the effects of financial sector fragility
The Role of Family as Case Managers in the Mental Health Care Services
The role of haemorheological changes in the development of peripheral vascular disease in diabetes mellitus
The role of the family as Case Managers in the Mental Health Care Services
The role of viremia in the pathogenesis of influenza infections
The Role of West Indies Cricket in National/Regional Development
The serological prevalence of influenza types and subtypes in jamaica
The Slave Trade and Plantation Management in Jamaica
The social and psychological impact of skin disorders on patients attending the Dermatology Outpaitient Clinic, UHWI
The Social Issues Associated with Development/Under-Development
The structure,regeneration ecology, and amphibian fauna of Jamaica's remaining limestone forests
The Syntax of Negotion in Jamaican Creole
The synthesis of 2-Amino-4-vinylthiazoles, a route to benzothiazoles and other Fused Ring Systems
The synthesis of an Aryl Analogue of Curracin A
The Synthesis of Conformationally Restricted Analogues of the Hypotensive Agent Caracasanamide
The use of BioGran in Sinus lifts & Oral bony defects. Sandwich Techniques
The Validation of the Beck Depression Inventory in a general population i n Jamaica
The Validation of the Brief Screen for Depression in a clinical population in Jamaica
The Validation of the Brief Screen for Depression in a general population in Jamaica
The value of thyroid antibody screening in predicting risk for thyroid dysfunction and postpartum depression
The West African sources of Jamaican Creole grammar and lexicon
The World Bank and Good Governance:New Directions in the Lending Policies Multilateral Development Agencies
Theoretical†and Applied Econometrics.†
Time Series Econometrics
Tourism and the GATS: Issues for CARICOM countries in the WYO Built-In Agenda Negotiations
Tourism, Development & the Environment
Toxicology (currently the toxicities of the herbicide paraquat and the unripe ackee fruit)
Trace element status of patients with diabetes mellitus
Trace elements in placenta
Transfer of Head Injured Patients in Jamaica: Is there a problem?
Transitional Justice
Transitional Justice and Truth Commissions
Transitions to Adulthood
Translation of Chiriboga's En la noche de viernes
Transnational Politics
Traumatic Brain Injury
Treatment of Hyperemesis Gravidarum with Steroids
Triage Decisions and Outcome among the Critically Ill at the UHWI
Tropical Psychrotrophs
Twins and uterine fibroids
Two Component Sensory Transduction in Cyanobacteria - Molecular Biology
U.S.A. Culture, History, Political Behaviour
Understanding the mechanisms that drive climate variability within the Caribbean
United States Politics,Culture & Social History
University-community partnerships and Regional Development
Uptake of "Triple screen" for Down's Syndrome
Urban Education with emphasis on inner city schools
Urban Renewal
Urban Sub-culture and Gangs
Urbanization and Housing
US Foreign Policy; Foreign Aid & Development
US-Pakistan in Post-Cold War Era
Use of ICTs to Enable Business Innovation
Use of Information Technology in Foreign Language Teaching.
Use of Natural Products in the Treatment of Diadetes - Plant Biochemistry and Endocrinology
Use of Plant-Derived Products in Immunopharmacology
Usefulness of red mud in Portland cement concrete building materials
Using art as a diagnostic tool for mental illness
Vaginal Examination:a new approach to an old dilemma
Validation of the Beck Depression INventory-II in a Jamaican University Student Cohort
Vancomycin resistant enterococci in Dialysis Patients
Violence against women
Violence and Aggression at a Kingston High School
Viral central nervous system infection
Viral respiratory tract infection
Virtual communities
Voices from Slavery
Vomiting Post Tonsillectomy with or without other upper airways or oural procedure
Vomiting Post-tonsillectomy (determining the incidence,risk factors and alleviating factors-steroids were found to be the most significant relieving agents)
Vulnerability to climate Change within the Caribbean
Watershed Degradation and Economic Growth For Jamaica
West Indian missionaries in the Niger Mission to Southeastern Nigeria, 1896-1925
Whipple's Pancreatico-Duodenectomy at the KPH
Women in the missionary enterprise
Women's writing as sources of Caribbean history
Work Motivation
Workplace cultural diversity
Workplace Wellness Programmes
Young menís Experiences of Female Teachers
Youth and Cultural Policies
Youth Mainstreaming and Development
Youth Poverty
Zinc supplementation on growth of infants