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List of Members of Staff (Alpha Sequence)
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East, Jeffrey Milton (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
East-Innis, Althea Dawn Cecelia (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Medicine
Edmondson, Nadeen Veloria (Dr)
Edwards, Norval Ronald (Dr) Lecturer FHE - Literatures in English
Edwards, Thera Hyacinthe (Miss) Map Curator FST - Geography & Geology
Edwards-Kerr, Deon Marie (Dr) Lecturer FHE - School of Education
Ehikhametalor, Kelvin Oseyi (Dr) Associate Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Eldemire-Shearer, Denise (Prof) Professor & Head FMS - Comm Health & Psychiatry
Ellington, Fae Audrey (Miss) Lecturer FHE - Carib Inst of Media Comm
Elliott, Victor Emmanuel (Dr) Associate Lecturer FMS - Medicine
Ellis, Henry Anthony (Dr)
Ennis, Andre' Pete (Miss)
Escoffery, Carlos Trefusis (Prof) Professor & Head FMS - Pathology (Anatomical)
Eugene, Lucy Priscilla (Dr)
Evans, Hyacinth Louise (Prof)
Evans-Gilbert, Tracy Denise (Dr) Associate Senior Lecturer FMS -Child & Adolescent Health
Everett, Denise Marcia (Miss) Embryologist/Biologist FMS - Hugh Wynter FertilityMgt
Ezenne, Augustine Ngozi (Dr) Retiree (M) Mona Campus Retiree
Ezenne, Emmanuel Ikenna (Mr)
Facey, Ayesha Marie (Miss) Assistant Lecturer FSS - Sociology,Psych &SocWork
Facey, Petrea Colleen (Dr) Lecturer FST - Chemistry
Falloon, Dorett Ermine (Mrs)
Falloon, Edward George Anthony (Mr)
Farquharson, Joseph Tito (Mr) Lecturer FHE - Lang, Linguistics & Phil
Feraria, Paulette Joyce (Dr) Lecturer FHE - School of Education
Fergus, Howard A. (Prof)
Ferguson, Stephney W (Ms)
Ferguson, Trevor Scotwell (Dr) Lecturer FMS - CAIHR -Epidem Res Unit
Ferron-Boothe, Doreen Listrine (Mrs) Senior Medical Technologist II FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Ffolkes-Goldson, Suzanne Cecile (Mrs) Senior Lecturer Faculty of Law
Ffrench, Sean Everette (Mr)
Fiddler, Frederick Fitzroy (Mr)
Figueroa, John Peter (Prof) Professor of Public Health FMS - Comm Health & Psychiatry
Figueroa, Mark Frederick (Dr) Professorial Research Fellow FSS - Sir Arthur Lewis ISES
Findley, Janet Athlyn (Miss)
Fisher, Latanya Celia-Marie (Dr)
Fitz-Henley, Michael Samuel Anthony (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Medicine
Fletcher, Cyril Keith (Dr)
Fletcher, Horace Melford (Prof) Dean FMS - Medical Sc-Dean's Office
  Director FMS - WI Medical Journal
Fletcher, Peter Raymond (Prof)
Fokum, Daniel Tangyi (Dr) Lecturer FST - Computing
Folawewo, Abiodun (Dr)
Forbes, Curdella Eunice (Dr)
Forbes, Neil Gregory (Mr) Information Technologist II MITS - Infrastructure
Ford, Marcia Marilyn (Mrs) Environmental Data Manager FST - Centre for Marine Sc
Ford, Nicholas Kevin (Mr)
Forrester, Terrence G (Prof) Director FMS - UWI SODECO
Foster-Williams, Karen Elizabeth (Dr) Medical Officer University Health Services
Fox, Helen Kristin (Miss)
Francis, Alfred Alexander (Prof)
Francis, Cynthia Grace (Mrs)
Francis, Wigmoore Washington Adolphus (Dr)
Frankson, Morton Anthony (Dr) Lecturer School of Clin. Med & Research
Fraser, Adrian St. Aubyn (Dr)
Fraser, Hortense Ann Marie (Miss)
Fraser, Raphael Andre (Mr)
Freckleton, Marie Evett Angelia (Dr) Lecturer FSS - Economics
Frederick, Joseph (Prof) Retiree (C) Centre Retiree
Frederick, Sharifa (Dr) Research Fellow FMS - Hugh Wynter FertilityMgt
French, Simone Jeannette (Dr) Associate Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Fulton, Hassim Alexander St. Luke (Mr)