Organisational Membership 85
Medical Association of Jamaica 74
Caribbean Studies Association 22
Caribbean Academy of Sciences 21
Library Association of Jamaica 21
Association of Surgeons in Jamaica 17
Association of Certified Chartered Accountants 17
Fellow-Royal Col of Surg,Edin 16
Paediatric Association of Jamaica 14
U.W.I Medical Alumni Association 13
Fellow Royal College of Surg,UK 13
Ja. Soc. of Scientists & Tech. 12
Royal College of Phys-London 12
Nurses Association of Jamaica 12
Royal College of Obst & Gynae 11
American Chemical Society 11
Association of Caribbean Historians 10
Caribbean Tertiary Level Personnel Association 10
Geological Association of Jamaica. 10
Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica 10
Inst. of Chartered Account-JA 10
Association of Caribbean Higher Education Administrators 9
Association of Consultant Physicians of Jamaica 9
Fellow-Roy. Col. of Phys, Lond 8
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 8
Jamaica Geographical Society 8
Jamaica Library Association 8
Jamaican Association of Clinical Pathologists 8
Jamaica Psychiatric Association 7
Jamaica Historical Society 7
Medical Council of Jamaica 7
Modern Languages Association 7
Association of West Indian Gas 7
Caribbean Cardiology Society 7
Association of Caribbean Economists 7
American College Personnel Association 7
West Indies Group of University Teachers 7
Society for Caribbean Linguistics 6
American Society for Microbiology 6
Jamaica Teachers Association 6
Jamaica Bar Association 5
Natural History Society of Jamaica 5
New York Academy of Science 5
Jamaica Association of Radiologists 5
American Psychiatric Association 5
Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries 5
American Economics Association 5
Caribbean Public Health Association 5
Fellow of Am Col of Surgeons 5
Jamaica Fulbright-Humphrey Alumni Association 5
Professions Supplementy to Med 5
Project Management Institute 4
Fellow Royal College of Obst & Gyna 4
Caribbean College of Fam Phys. 4
Fellow of Am Col of Physicians 4
Fellow-Inter. Coll of Surgeons 4
Caribbean Allergy and Respiratory Association 4
American College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists 4
American College of Physician and American Society of Internal Medicine 4
American College of Surgeons 4
American Library Association 4
Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association Limited 4
Jamaica Anaes. Association 4
Jamaica Association for the Deaf 4
National Council of Teachers of English 4
Medical Protection Society 4
Kiwanis Club of Kingston 4
Latin American Studies Association 4
Jamaica Cancer Society 4
Jamaica Computer Society 4
Jamaica Food and Nutrition Society 4
Jamaican Society for Agricultural Sciences 4
Jamaica Psychological Society 4
Jamaica Reading Association 3
Jamaica Social Workers Association 3
Jamaica Organic Agriculture Movement 3
Jamaica Environmental Trust 3
National Association of English Teachers 3
Jamaica Association of French Teachers 3
Jam Assoc Distance & OpenLearn 3
General Medical Council (UK) 3
International Association of School Librarianship 3
Inst. of Internal Auditors 3
Geological Society of America 3
Fellow-Roy Coll of Anaes. 3
American Sociological Association 3
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 3
American Coll of Physicians 3
American Historical Association 3
Academy of Management 3
American Association of Gynaecology Laparoscopists 3
Association of Computer Machinery 3
Fellow-Inst of Char Accountant 3
Fellow-Amer Col of Obst & Gyna 3
Caribbean Society of Radiologists 3
Royal College of Phys-Edin 3
Royal Society of Chemistry 3
University of West Indies Medical Alumni Association 3
U.W.I. Alumni Association 3
UWI Guild of Students 2
Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association 2
West Indian Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies 2
Yorkshire Geological Society 2
Royal Society of Health 2
Radiological Society of North America 2
Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association 2
Population Association of America 2
Organization of Caribbean Administrators Sport and Physical Educators 2
Fellow, Amer. Board of Paed. 2
Board of University Council of Jamaica 2
Astronomical Association of Jamaican 2
Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean 2
Caribbean Association of Clinical Microbiologists 2
British Medical Association 2
American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologist 2
American Academy of Paediatrics 2
(American) Association of Black Sociologist 2
African Studies Association 2
Agriculture Credit Bank 2
American Geophysical Union 2
American College of Chest Physician 2
American Coll of Gastroenterol 2
American Counselling Association 2
American Dietetic Association 2
Association for the study of Medical Education 2
American Thoracic Society 2
American Statistical Association 2
American Political Science Association 2
Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars 2
American Association for the Advamcement of Science 2
American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine 2
American Society for Nutrition 2
American Public Health Association 2
American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental 2
Fellow-Roy Col of Surgeons,Can 2
Fellow-Roy Col of Phys of Can. 2
Indian Cultural Society 2
International Association of Mass Communication Research 2
Internation Association for Cultural Studies 2
Internation Association of Feminist Economics 2
International Federation of Library Association 2
International Biometric Society 2
International Studies Association 2
National Association of Student Personnel Administrators 2
Jamaica Association of Professionals in Nutrition and Dietetics 2
Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust 2
Jamaica Foundation for Cardiac Disease 2
Jamaica Institute of Management 2
Japan Karate Association of Jamaica 2
Junior Doctors Association of Jamaica 1
Jamaican Geological Society 1
Jamaican Georgian Society 1
Jamaica Physical Education Association 1
Jamaica Veterinary Association 1
Jamaica-South Africa Friendship Association 1
Jamaica National Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect 1
Jamaica Natural History Society 1
Jamaica Orchid Society 1
Jamaica Inter-Collegiate Sports Association 1
Jamaica League Against Epilepsy 1
Jamaica Institute of Bankers 1
Jamaica Institute of Engineers 1
Jamaica Council for Adult Education 1
Jamaica Chapter of the Caribbean Herbal Business Association 1
Jamaica Bureau of Standards 1
National Career Coalition Committe 1
National Career Development Association 1
National Communication Association, USA 1
National Development Plan 1
National Economics Association 1
National Food & Nutrition Coordinating Committe of Jamaica 1
National Geographic Society 1
Nigerian Association of Educational Administration and Planning 1
Nigerian Bar Association 1
Nigerian Economic Society 1
Nigerian Institute of Management 1
North American Economics and Finance Association 1
North American Society for the Sociology of Sport 1
National Association of Social Workers 1
Molecular Biology Society of Jamaica 1
Nat. Computer Security Assoc. 1
Mentorship Programme 1
Micro University College Alumni Association 1
Mid-West Economics Association 1
Middle American Digital Seismograph Consortium 1
Lay Magistrates' Association 1
Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association 1
Library Association of Trinindad and Tobago 1
Licenciate,Royal Coll of Phys. 1
Linguistics Association of Nigeria 1
London Records Society 1
International Union for the Scientific Study of Population 1
International Union of Health Promotion and Education 1
International Yoga Society 1
Ja. Inst. of Environmental Pro 1
International Committee for the Sociology of Sport 1
International Communication Association, USA 1
Jamaica AIDS Support 1
Jamaica Association of Health Services Executives 1
Jamaica Association of Human Resource Professionals 1
Jamaica Association of Records Management 1
Jamaica Association of Teacher Educators 1
Jamaica Association for Training and Development 1
Jamaica Association of Distance and Open Learning 1
Jamaica Association for Mental Health 1
International Pragmatic Association 1
International Reading Association 1
International Society for Infectious Diseases 1
International Society for Reef Studies 1
International Society for the Intercommunication of New Ideas 1
International Society for the Study of the Aging Male 1
International Society for the Study of xenobiotics 1
International Society of Blood Transfusion 1
International Society of Breast Pathology 1
International Society of Environmental Geochemistry and Health 1
International Society of Human Retrovirology 1
International Solar Energy Society 1
International Society on Toxinology 1
International Academy of Cytology 1
International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care 1
International Association of Schools of Social Workers 1
International Association of Sedimentologists 1
Information System Audit and Control Association 1
Inst. of Financial Consultants 1
Fellow-Roy. Soc. of Medicine 1
Indian Assoc Physio & Pharmac 1
Indian Assoc. Animal Heath 1
Institue of British Geographers 1
Institue of food Technologits 1
Institute of Computer Technicians 1
Institute of Mathematical Statistics 1
Institute of Physics, Sri Lanka 1
Inter American Congress of Psychology 1
Fellow-Roy Col of Phys of Edin 1
Financial Management Association International 1
Florida Entomological Society 1
Food and Agriculture Organiztion 1
Geological Society of Jamaica 1
German Society for Caribbean Studies 1
German Zoological Society 1
Gerontology Association of the America's 1
Grabham- Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society of Jamaica 1
Guyana Library Association 1
Haitian Studies Association 1
HIV Medicine Association 1
Hull Geological Society 1
American Society of Reproductive Medicine 1
American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 1
American Society for Human Genetics 1
American Society of Addition Medicine 1
American Society of Agronomy 1
American Society of Engineering Education 1
American Society of Limnology and Oceanography 1
American Psychological Association 1
American Mathematical Society 1
American Overseas Dietetic Association 1
American Philosophical Association 1
American Physical Society 1
American Physiological Society 1
American Phytopathological Society 1
Association of Caribbean social Work Educators 1
American Studies Association of Jamaica 1
Archeological Society of Jamaica 1
Assoc of Info & Image Mgnt 1
Association for Media and Technology in Education 1
Association for Women in Psychology 1
Association of Women's Organizations in Jamaica 1
Association of Anaesthetics of Great Britain & Ireland 1
Association of Black Psychologists 1
Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of Engli 1
American Heart Association 1
American Insitute of Certified Public Accountants 1
American Educational Research Association 1
American Ethnological Association 1
American Finance Association 1
Alpha Delpha Kappa - International Sorority of Female Educators 1
Amer Assoc Physics Teachers 1
A Telecom. Association 1
Academy of Economics and Finance 1
Academy of International Business 1
American Academy of Religion 1
American Anthropological Association 1
African Association of Science Teachers 1
African Finance and Economics Association 1
American Association of Records Management 1
American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese 1
American Board of Chem. Path 1
British Micropalaeontological Society 1
British Society for Parasitology 1
British Sociological Association 1
British Sub Aqua Club 1
British Toxicology Society 1
Bulgarian Society of Physics 1
Business Association of Latin America 1
Cambridge Commonwealth Society 1
Canadian Association of African Studies 1
Canadian Council of Teachers of English 1
Canadian Paediatrics Society 1
Caribbean Association of Environmental Professionals 1
Caribbean Association of Medical Technologists 1
Caribbean Association of Publishers Network 1
Caribbean Association of Researchers and Herbal Practitioners 1
Caribbean Bioethics Society 1
Caribbean Association for Mental Health 1
Caribbean Actuarial Association 1
Association of Science Teachers of Jamaica 1
Association of Social Anthropologists of the Commonwealth 1
Association of Supervision and Curriculum Developement. 1
Association of Departments of Foreign Language 1
Association of Financial Professionals 1
Association of Graduate Career Advisory Services 1
Astronomical Society of Jamaica 1
Black Child Development Institute 1
Black DataProcessing Associate 1
Board of Directors (Social Development Commission of Jamaica ) 1
British Educational Management and Administration Society 1
British Inst of Architect Tech 1
Fellow, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1
Fellow-Amer Coll of Cardiology 1
Fellow-Fac. of Anaes, RCS.Ire 1
Fellow-Life Mgt Institute 1
Caribbean Psychiatric's Association 1
Caribbean Review of Gender Studies Online Journal 1
Caribbean Union of Teachers 1
Central Bank of Belize 1
Certified Financial Consultant 1
Chartered Institute of Building 1
Children's Literature Association 1
Children?s Writer Circle 1
Clinical Cytonetry Society 1
College Libraries Information Network 1
Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration 1
Conseil International d'Etudes Francophones 1
Council for Advancement and Support Education 1
Cromwell Association 1
Crop Science Society of America 1
Cuban Chemical Society 1
Cuban Sanitary Engineering Society 1
Earthquake Engineering Research Insititute 1
Eastern Caribbean Economic management Programme 1
Econometric Society 1
Economic Association of Trinidad and Tobago 1
Endocrine Society - USA 1
Entomological Society of Canada 1
European Union 1
Fel-ChartAssocCert Accountants 1
Organization of Teacher Educators in Reading 1
Paediatrics Intensive Care Society 1
Palaeontological Association 1
Philosophy of Science Association 1
Physiological Society of Nigeria 1
Prema Satsang of Jamaica 1
Nursing Council of Jamaica 1
Optimist Club, St. Andrew 1
Royal Anthropological Institute 1
Quaternary Research Association 1
Science Advisory Board 1
Science Teachers Association of Nigeria 1
Seismological Society of America 1
Society Caribbean Studies, UK 1
Society for Applied Anthropology 1
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 1
Royal College of Phys- Ireland 1
Society for General Microbiology 1
Society for Post Medieval Archeology 1
Society for Renaissance Studies 1
Society for Research on African Cultures 1
Society for Sedimentary Geology 1
Society for the History of Children and Youth 1
Society of In Vitro Biology 1
Southern Modern Languages Association 1
Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science 1
St. Andrew Old Girls Association 1
St. Andrew Parish Church 1
Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Co-operation 1
The Food Institute 1
Third World Organization for Women in Science 1
Young Economist Association 1
Women In French 1
Women's Resource and Outreach Centre 1
Women's Studies Network 1
World Association of Young Psychiatrist and Trainees 1
World Bank 1
World Federation of Anaesthesia 1
World Psychiatric Association 1
Xerces Society 1
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow 1
Royal Economics Society 1
Voice and Speech Teachers Association 1
Voluntary Organization for the Upliftment of Children 1
United Nations Developement Programme 1
United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. 1
United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization 1
University of the West Indies Chemical Society 1
University of the West Indies Publishers' Association 1
University of the West indies Sub-Aqua Club 1