(American) Association of Black Sociologist 2
A Telecom. Association 1
Academy of Economics and Finance 1
Academy of International Business 1
Academy of Management 3
African Association of Science Teachers 1
African Finance and Economics Association 1
African Studies Association 2
Agriculture Credit Bank 2
Alpha Delpha Kappa - International Sorority of Female Educators 1
Amer Assoc Physics Teachers 1
American Academy of Paediatrics 2
American Academy of Religion 1
American Anthropological Association 1
American Association for the Advamcement of Science 2
American Association of Gynaecology Laparoscopists 3
American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologist 2
American Association of Records Management 1
American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese 1
American Board of Chem. Path 1
American Chemical Society 11
American Coll of Gastroenterol 2
American Coll of Physicians 3
American College of Chest Physician 2
American College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists 4
American College of Physician and American Society of Internal Medicine 4
American College of Surgeons 4
American College Personnel Association 7
American Counselling Association 2
American Dietetic Association 2
American Economics Association 5
American Educational Research Association 1
American Ethnological Association 1
American Finance Association 1
American Geophysical Union 2
American Heart Association 1
American Historical Association 3
American Insitute of Certified Public Accountants 1
American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine 2
American Library Association 4
American Mathematical Society 1
American Overseas Dietetic Association 1
American Philosophical Association 1
American Physical Society 1
American Physiological Society 1
American Phytopathological Society 1
American Political Science Association 2
American Psychiatric Association 5
American Psychological Association 1
American Public Health Association 2
American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 1
American Society for Human Genetics 1
American Society for Microbiology 6
American Society for Nutrition 2
American Society of Addition Medicine 1
American Society of Agronomy 1
American Society of Engineering Education 1
American Society of Limnology and Oceanography 1
American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental 2
American Society of Reproductive Medicine 1
American Sociological Association 3
American Statistical Association 2
American Studies Association of Jamaica 1
American Thoracic Society 2
Archeological Society of Jamaica 1
Assoc of Info & Image Mgnt 1
Association for Media and Technology in Education 1
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 3
Association for the study of Medical Education 2
Association for Women in Psychology 1
Association of Women's Organizations in Jamaica 1
Association of Anaesthetics of Great Britain & Ireland 1
Association of Black Psychologists 1
Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of Engli 1
Association of Caribbean Economists 7
Association of Caribbean Higher Education Administrators 9
Association of Caribbean Historians 10
Association of Caribbean social Work Educators 1
Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries 5
Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars 2
Association of Certified Chartered Accountants 17
Association of Computer Machinery 3
Association of Consultant Physicians of Jamaica 9
Association of Departments of Foreign Language 1
Association of Financial Professionals 1
Association of Graduate Career Advisory Services 1
Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean 2
Association of Science Teachers of Jamaica 1
Association of Social Anthropologists of the Commonwealth 1
Association of Supervision and Curriculum Developement. 1
Association of Surgeons in Jamaica 17
Association of West Indian Gas 7
Astronomical Association of Jamaican 2
Astronomical Society of Jamaica 1
Black Child Development Institute 1
Black DataProcessing Associate 1
Board of Directors (Social Development Commission of Jamaica ) 1
Board of University Council of Jamaica 2
British Educational Management and Administration Society 1
British Inst of Architect Tech 1
British Medical Association 2
British Micropalaeontological Society 1
British Society for Parasitology 1
British Sociological Association 1
British Sub Aqua Club 1
British Toxicology Society 1
Bulgarian Society of Physics 1
Business Association of Latin America 1
Cambridge Commonwealth Society 1
Canadian Association of African Studies 1
Canadian Council of Teachers of English 1
Canadian Paediatrics Society 1
Caribbean Academy of Sciences 21
Caribbean Actuarial Association 1
Caribbean Allergy and Respiratory Association 4
Caribbean Association for Mental Health 1
Caribbean Association of Clinical Microbiologists 2
Caribbean Association of Environmental Professionals 1
Caribbean Association of Medical Technologists 1
Caribbean Association of Publishers Network 1
Caribbean Association of Researchers and Herbal Practitioners 1
Caribbean Bioethics Society 1
Caribbean Cardiology Society 7
Caribbean College of Fam Phys. 4
Caribbean Psychiatric's Association 1
Caribbean Public Health Association 5
Caribbean Review of Gender Studies Online Journal 1
Caribbean Society of Radiologists 3
Caribbean Studies Association 22
Caribbean Tertiary Level Personnel Association 10
Caribbean Union of Teachers 1
Central Bank of Belize 1
Certified Financial Consultant 1
Chartered Institute of Building 1
Children's Literature Association 1
Children?s Writer Circle 1
Clinical Cytonetry Society 1
College Libraries Information Network 1
Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration 1
Conseil International d'Etudes Francophones 1
Council for Advancement and Support Education 1
Cromwell Association 1
Crop Science Society of America 1
Cuban Chemical Society 1
Cuban Sanitary Engineering Society 1
Earthquake Engineering Research Insititute 1
Eastern Caribbean Economic management Programme 1
Econometric Society 1
Economic Association of Trinidad and Tobago 1
Endocrine Society - USA 1
Entomological Society of Canada 1
European Union 1
Fel-ChartAssocCert Accountants 1
Fellow of Am Col of Physicians 4
Fellow of Am Col of Surgeons 5
Fellow Royal College of Obst & Gyna 4
Fellow Royal College of Surg,UK 13
Fellow, Amer. Board of Paed. 2
Fellow, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1
Fellow-Amer Col of Obst & Gyna 3
Fellow-Amer Coll of Cardiology 1
Fellow-Fac. of Anaes, RCS.Ire 1
Fellow-Inst of Char Accountant 3
Fellow-Inter. Coll of Surgeons 4
Fellow-Life Mgt Institute 1
Fellow-Roy Col of Phys of Can. 2
Fellow-Roy Col of Phys of Edin 1
Fellow-Roy Col of Surgeons,Can 2
Fellow-Roy Coll of Anaes. 3
Fellow-Roy. Col. of Phys, Lond 8
Fellow-Roy. Soc. of Medicine 1
Fellow-Royal Col of Surg,Edin 16
Financial Management Association International 1
Florida Entomological Society 1
Food and Agriculture Organiztion 1
General Medical Council (UK) 3
Geological Association of Jamaica. 10
Geological Society of America 3
Geological Society of Jamaica 1
German Society for Caribbean Studies 1
German Zoological Society 1
Gerontology Association of the America's 1
Grabham- Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society of Jamaica 1
Guyana Library Association 1
Haitian Studies Association 1
HIV Medicine Association 1
Hull Geological Society 1
Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica 10
Indian Assoc Physio & Pharmac 1
Indian Assoc. Animal Heath 1
Indian Cultural Society 2
Information System Audit and Control Association 1
Inst. of Chartered Account-JA 10
Inst. of Financial Consultants 1
Inst. of Internal Auditors 3
Institue of British Geographers 1
Institue of food Technologits 1
Institute of Computer Technicians 1
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 8
Institute of Mathematical Statistics 1
Institute of Physics, Sri Lanka 1
Inter American Congress of Psychology 1
Internation Association for Cultural Studies 2
Internation Association of Feminist Economics 2
International Society on Toxinology 1
International Academy of Cytology 1
International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care 1
International Association of Mass Communication Research 2
International Association of School Librarianship 3
International Association of Schools of Social Workers 1
International Association of Sedimentologists 1
International Biometric Society 2
International Committee for the Sociology of Sport 1
International Communication Association, USA 1
International Federation of Library Association 2
International Pragmatic Association 1
International Reading Association 1
International Society for Infectious Diseases 1
International Society for Reef Studies 1
International Society for the Intercommunication of New Ideas 1
International Society for the Study of the Aging Male 1
International Society for the Study of xenobiotics 1
International Society of Blood Transfusion 1
International Society of Breast Pathology 1
International Society of Environmental Geochemistry and Health 1
International Society of Human Retrovirology 1
International Solar Energy Society 1
International Studies Association 2
International Union for the Scientific Study of Population 1
International Union of Health Promotion and Education 1
International Yoga Society 1
Ja. Inst. of Environmental Pro 1
Ja. Soc. of Scientists & Tech. 12
Jam Assoc Distance & OpenLearn 3
Jamaica AIDS Support 1
Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association Limited 4
Jamaica Anaes. Association 4
Jamaica Association for Mental Health 1
Jamaica Association for the Deaf 4
Jamaica Association for Training and Development 1
Jamaica Association of Distance and Open Learning 1
Jamaica Association of French Teachers 3
Jamaica Association of Health Services Executives 1
Jamaica Association of Human Resource Professionals 1
Jamaica Association of Professionals in Nutrition and Dietetics 2
Jamaica Association of Radiologists 5
Jamaica Association of Records Management 1
Jamaica Association of Teacher Educators 1
Jamaica Bar Association 5
Jamaica Bureau of Standards 1
Jamaica Cancer Society 4
Jamaica Chapter of the Caribbean Herbal Business Association 1
Jamaica Computer Society 4
Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust 2
Jamaica Council for Adult Education 1
Jamaica Environmental Trust 3
Jamaica Food and Nutrition Society 4
Jamaica Foundation for Cardiac Disease 2
Jamaica Fulbright-Humphrey Alumni Association 5
Jamaica Geographical Society 8
Jamaica Historical Society 7
Jamaica Institute of Bankers 1
Jamaica Institute of Engineers 1
Jamaica Institute of Management 2
Jamaica Inter-Collegiate Sports Association 1
Jamaica League Against Epilepsy 1
Jamaica Library Association 8
Jamaica National Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect 1
Jamaica Natural History Society 1
Jamaica Orchid Society 1
Jamaica Organic Agriculture Movement 3
Jamaica Physical Education Association 1
Jamaica Psychiatric Association 7
Jamaica Psychological Society 4
Jamaica Reading Association 3
Jamaica Social Workers Association 3
Jamaica Teachers Association 6
Jamaica Veterinary Association 1
Jamaica-South Africa Friendship Association 1
Jamaican Association of Clinical Pathologists 8
Jamaican Geological Society 1
Jamaican Georgian Society 1
Jamaican Society for Agricultural Sciences 4
Japan Karate Association of Jamaica 2
Junior Doctors Association of Jamaica 1
Kiwanis Club of Kingston 4
Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association 1
Latin American Studies Association 4
Lay Magistrates' Association 1
Library Association of Jamaica 21
Library Association of Trinindad and Tobago 1
Licenciate,Royal Coll of Phys. 1
Linguistics Association of Nigeria 1
London Records Society 1
Medical Association of Jamaica 74
Medical Council of Jamaica 7
Medical Protection Society 4
Mentorship Programme 1
Micro University College Alumni Association 1
Mid-West Economics Association 1
Middle American Digital Seismograph Consortium 1
Modern Languages Association 7
Molecular Biology Society of Jamaica 1
Nat. Computer Security Assoc. 1
National Association of English Teachers 3
National Association of Social Workers 1
National Association of Student Personnel Administrators 2
National Career Coalition Committe 1
National Career Development Association 1
National Communication Association, USA 1
National Council of Teachers of English 4
National Development Plan 1
National Economics Association 1
National Food & Nutrition Coordinating Committe of Jamaica 1
National Geographic Society 1
Natural History Society of Jamaica 5
New York Academy of Science 5
Nigerian Association of Educational Administration and Planning 1
Nigerian Bar Association 1
Nigerian Economic Society 1
Nigerian Institute of Management 1
North American Economics and Finance Association 1
North American Society for the Sociology of Sport 1
Nurses Association of Jamaica 12
Nursing Council of Jamaica 1
Optimist Club, St. Andrew 1
Organisational Membership 85
Organization of Caribbean Administrators Sport and Physical Educators 2
Organization of Teacher Educators in Reading 1
Paediatric Association of Jamaica 14
Paediatrics Intensive Care Society 1
Palaeontological Association 1
Philosophy of Science Association 1
Physiological Society of Nigeria 1
Population Association of America 2
Prema Satsang of Jamaica 1
Professions Supplementy to Med 5
Project Management Institute 4
Quaternary Research Association 1
Radiological Society of North America 2
Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association 2
Royal Anthropological Institute 1
Royal College of Obst & Gynae 11
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 1
Royal College of Phys- Ireland 1
Royal College of Phys-Edin 3
Royal College of Phys-London 12
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow 1
Royal Economics Society 1
Royal Society of Chemistry 3
Royal Society of Health 2
Science Advisory Board 1
Science Teachers Association of Nigeria 1
Seismological Society of America 1
Society Caribbean Studies, UK 1
Society for Applied Anthropology 1
Society for Caribbean Linguistics 6
Society for General Microbiology 1
Society for Post Medieval Archeology 1
Society for Renaissance Studies 1
Society for Research on African Cultures 1
Society for Sedimentary Geology 1
Society for the History of Children and Youth 1
Society of In Vitro Biology 1
Southern Modern Languages Association 1
Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science 1
St. Andrew Old Girls Association 1
St. Andrew Parish Church 1
Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Co-operation 1
The Food Institute 1
Third World Organization for Women in Science 1
Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association 2
U.W.I Medical Alumni Association 13
U.W.I. Alumni Association 3
United Nations Developement Programme 1
United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. 1
United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization 1
University of the West Indies Chemical Society 1
University of the West Indies Publishers' Association 1
University of the West indies Sub-Aqua Club 1
University of West Indies Medical Alumni Association 3
UWI Guild of Students 2
Voice and Speech Teachers Association 1
Voluntary Organization for the Upliftment of Children 1
West Indian Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies 2
West Indies Group of University Teachers 7
Women In French 1
Women's Resource and Outreach Centre 1
Women's Studies Network 1
World Association of Young Psychiatrist and Trainees 1
World Bank 1
World Federation of Anaesthesia 1
World Psychiatric Association 1
Xerces Society 1
Yorkshire Geological Society 2
Young Economist Association 1