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Applied Ethics 1
Economic Development 1
International Macroeconomics 1
"Caribbean-Canadian in Us Now" on Caribbean/Canadian Writing 1
"Troubled and Troubling Performances of Caribbean Masculinities Abroad: Austin Clarkes The Origin of Waves" 1
"Voices Under the Window of Representation: Austin Clarke's Poetics of Body-memory in The Meeting Point" 1
(W)uman Tong(ue): How Me See It - Observations on Jamaican Life 1
1994-2003 Ten Year reviewof Breast Cancer at the KPH 1
2006- The efficacy of Isotonic Saline in the resuscitation of the multiple trauma patient 1
A Breast Imaging Audit 1
A comparison of anthropometry of mothers and infants within the puerperium with respect to maternal age 1
A Comparison of Body Composition between Pregnancies of Teenage Girls and Mature Women and the Impact on Fetal Growth and Birth Outcome 2
A five year review of all operative hysteroscopies done at the University Hospital of the West Indies 1
A Gamma/X-ray Flourescence spectrometer and software for radiation measurement of nuclear reactor 1
A history of Spanish Town 1
A needs Assessment for an Inner-city High School 1
A new operating proctoscope 1
A prospective analysis of first contact patients seen in the Small Health Locality in Birmingham, UK 1
A prospective study of Maternal Obesity and Pregnancy Outcomes at the Universiity Hospital of the West Indies 1
A randomized controlled trial comparing the use of clomiphenene citrate with menogon for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in couples undergoing intrauterine insemination 1
A randomized double blind lpacebo controlled trial of a combination of Gingko biloba and ginseng (gincosan) in dementia of varying aetiology 1
A randomized double blind placebo controlled trial of a combination of Gingko biloba and ginseng (gincosan) in dementia of varying aetiology 1
A review of open splenectomy in children with sickle cel disease 1
A study comparing differences in vascular responses in blacks as compared to whites in patients with strokes. 1
A study of gonado-toxicity and sperm shape anomalies of 5 - FU on mice testis 1
A study of job satisfaction and dissatisfaction among Secondary school teachers in Jamaica 1
A study of the Change From Within Project 3
A study of the management of school facilities in Jamaican schools 1
A study of the use of open medical wards versus specialist psychiatric units for treatment of patients with acute psychoses 2
A study to estimate the incidence and prevalence of HIV / AIDS among teachers and students in Jamaica's education sector 1
A surgical Textbook for the Caribbean 1
A survey of the emergency management of agitated or aggressive psychotic patients in two Kingston hospitals 1
A ten-year outcome study of first contact schizophrenia in Jamaica 1
Abortifacient action of some extracts from Jamaican plants 1
Academic Specialization: Social Work Macro Practice 1
Accounting 2
Acrylamide in food and mechanism of its formation in living system 1
Acute Renal Failure and Cardiac Surgery 1
Adolescent Development 1
Adolescent sexuality 1
Adolescents and all that is related to them.† 1
Adolescents and youth 1
Advanced Research Methods 1
African Diasporic Studies 1
African Politics 1
African reclamationism and the political thought of Theophilus Scholes 1
African/Caribbean Political Thought 1
Africana Political THought 1
Age-friendly guidelines 1
Age-friendly guidelines - a multicountry study 1
Ageing 2
Agricultural Economics 1
Alexander Bedward, 1889-1921 1
Alumina extraction efficiencies in the Bayer process 1
Amino acid and Fatty Acid content of Jamaican Noni Morinda citrifolia 1
An analysis of Severe Dengue Infections at UHWI. 1
An assessment of the effectiveness of asthma clinics in Jamaica 1
An ethnographic study of adolescents at an urban high school 1
An evaluation of an Assertive Outreach program in severely mentally ill patients in Birmingham, UK. 1
An evaluation of Homelessness in Jamaica 2
An Index for rational pre-operative generation of Crossmatch requests for blood 1
An open randomized study on IVF outcome with two fixed daily dose regimens of gonadotropin (300 IU vs. 450IU): Is there a difference 1
Anaesthesia-The Medical Students' Perspective 1
Anaesthetic Morbidity in patients at the UHWI 1
Analysis of marketing margins for major food crops in Jamaica 1
Analysis of the Objective Structured Clinical Examination in the UWI MBBS Examination 3
Animal models of preeclampsia 1
Anti-diabetic properties of Neem Leaf extract on STZ - induced Type II diabetic rats 1
Anti-hyperglycemic effects of the crude aqueous extract of Rice Bitters 1
Anti-trust economics 1
Antifertility effects of some selected plants including the drug of abuse - Cannabis sativa Azadirachta indica etc. 1
Antimicrobial resistance and molecular studies of enterococci 1
Antiobiotic sensitivity to Helicobacter pylori in Jamaica 1
Antiviral Resistance of Influenza A viruses in Jamaica 1
Application of philosophical tools to the analysis of issues, problems and beliefs in the Jamaican space - be it in education, business, health, law enforcement, social, political and cultural domain 1
Applied Anthropology 1
Applied Econometrics 1
Applied Microeconomic Theory 1
Applied Microeconomics, Economic Growth Theory 1
Applied Psychology 1
Applied Research Methods 1
Archaeology of Jamaica, West Africa, Central and Eastern Europe 1
Are ruptured and phlegmonous appendictis two separate diseases? 1
Asbestos usage and pollution in Jamaica/Caribbean: public, occupational and environmental health impact and policy lessons 1
Assessing anthropogenic impacts and the threats posed by invasives on the swamp forest of the black river morass,St.Elizabeth,Jamaica. 1
Assessing digital library software for Caribbean libraries 1
Assessment of endometrial abnormalities prior to invitro fertilization:Comparison between the use of Saline Contrast Hysterosonogam (SCHS) and Hysterocopy 1
Assessment of Literacy Performance 1
Assessment of the quality of obstetric care (competency of skilled birth attendants, role of enabling environment in service performance, delays in delivery of emergency obstetric care 1
Attachment 1
Attitude Change 1
Audit of Radical Hysterectomies done at the University of the West Indies 1
Autism in Jamaica, prevalence and presenting features 1
Autogeneous bone grafting in periodant lesions using oral tori or Edentulous area as donor site 1
Autosomal Dominant Heredity Spstic Paraplegia in Jamaica 1
AZT for reduction of mother-infant transmission of HIV in pregnancy 1
Banking in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Barclays Bank (DCO), 1926-1962 1
Bayesian Econometrics and Statistics 1
Behaviour Modification 1
Beliefs and practices of Jamaican teacher educators in environmental education: A qualitative case study 1
Beyond the music:Assessing adolescents' peceptions and values about sexual reproductive health 1
Bile Duct Injuries in the Laparoscopic era at the UHWI 1
Bio-critical entry on Cecil Foster 1
Biochemical Pharmacology 1
Biochemical Studies of Gestational Diabetes in the Jamaican Population 1
Bioconversion of Agro-Industrial Wastes for Profit - Agro-Biotechnology and Bio-Remediation 1
Biography of Bishop Herman Spence 1
Biography of Daniel Fignole 1
Biological effects of extracts from Ackee (Blighia sapida) 1
Biomonitoring of AIr Pollution Using Nuclear Techniques,INternational Atomic Energy Agency 1
Blood loss and transfusion requirement in patients with total knee replacement 1
Blood Usage in Elective Neurosurgical Patients at the UHWI 1
Body composition in adult survivors of severe malnutrition 1
Body Image 1
Body-memory Poetics: Materiality, Meta-textualiaty and Performance in Caribbean/Canadian Writing 1
Bone regeneration - "Orgunsalu's Sandwich technique" 1
Book on language and literacy teaching in a Creole-speaking environment 1
Border disputes 1
Border security 1
Breast Cancer Study Group at UHWI 1
Breast pain as deterrent to mammographic screening in Jamaica 1
Building Academic Success for Inner City Schools (Basics) Initiative 1
Building cost-effective educational technology solutions using bundled elements 1
Building Resilient Communities 1
Business Economics 1
Business Intelligence 1
Business Law 1
Capital cities in the English Atlantic 1
Cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis after hysterectomy 1
Cardiovascular disease lifestyle pilot intervention 1
Caribbean Art, Design & Visual Culture 1
Caribbean Children's Literature 1
Caribbean Culture; Popular Culture (especially popular music); Visual Caribbean Artistic Traditions; Creative Industries 1
Caribbean Economic Thought: Establishing a Firmer Foundation for the Field of Study 1
Caribbean politics 1
Caribbean Spiritualities (including Rastafari/Revival, Lukumi, Spiritual Baptist 1
Caribbean Thought and the Policy Discourse 1
Caribbean women and their children - Case studies from Jamaica ad Trinidad 1
Case study analysis of behavioural intervention for self-induced rectal prolapse 1
Casebook: Worker and the Law 1
Ceftazidime resistant Salmonella enteritidis 1
Central Banking & Monetary Policy 1
Centre for Diseae Control (CDC Defined Diseases in Pregnant HIV-Infected Jamaican Women 1
Cerebrovascular Accidents at the UHWI-causes and costs 1
Challenging Gender Privileging Issues of Leaderships and Body Image 1
Changes of hypoglycin content in ackee during maturation and with different ackee varieties 1
Characterisation and quantification of the phytoestrogenic content of some commonly used Hamaican foods and lkevels in health and disease 1
Characteristics of bauxite that affect alumina extraction efficiences under low temperature digestion conditions 1
Chemical applications on the internet 1
Chemistry of the water from different varieties of coconuts grown in Jamaica and determination of the factors affecting the production of pigments in processed coconut water 1
Chevere! Level 1. and Chevere! Level 2. 1
Chevere! Level 4 1
Child abuse in Jamaica: prevalence, presenting features and quality of care 1
Child Rights and Poverty 1
Child Sexuality 1
Childhoos Screening for Lead Poisoning and Mitigation in Jamaica, Environmental Foundation of Jamaica 1
Chlamydia trachomatis and other microbial causes of reactive arthritis in Jamaicans 1
Chronic renal failure and Cardiac Disease 1
Citizenship Education 1
Civil Society 1
Civilian Cranial Gunshot Wounds. A Jamaican Experience. 1
Climate Change 1
Climate Change, Green Economy, 1
Climate Changes and long term climate variability within the Caribbean 1
Climate Databases 1
Climate studies(Impacts on Health and Agriculture) 1
Clinical features predictive of abnormalities on CT scan in head trauma of the brain 1
Clinical Social Work 1
Co-morbidity and depression in medical clinics at the University Hospital of the West Indies 1
Co-morbidity and depression in medical clinics at the University Hospital of the West Indies 1
Coastal communities-high risk or poor planning: Annotto Bay, Jamaica: A case study 1
Coffee in Jamaica, 1790-1850 1
Colonial Agricultural policy in Nigeria, 1920-1951 1
Colorectal cancer: UHWI Experience 1
Communities of practice 1
Community and social informatics 1
Community development 2
Community Education 1
Community Organization 1
Community Psychology 1
Community, domestic and school violence in Jamaican children. Exposure and Effects 1
Comparative criminology and criminal justice 1
Comparative Family networking in Barbados, Antigua and Jamaica 1
Comparative local governance and public policy analysis 1
Comparative local government reform policy 1
Comparative Pension Policy & Old Age Politics 1
Comparative Politics 1
Comparative Politics of Latin America 1
Comparing the efficiency of Community Health services in two parishes in Jamaica 1
Comparison of Body Composition between Pregnancies of Teenage Girls and Mature Women and the Impact on Fetal Growth and Birth Outcome 1
Comparison of paravertebral anaesthesia with general anaesthesia for breast surgery at the UHWI 1
Comparison of the Blom-Singer valve and the Provox value in speech rehabilitation post-laryngectomy 1
Comparison of the nutritional and anti-nutritional components of several transgenic papaya lines with a non-transgenic variety 1
Competition/Industrial Organization, 1
Complications of Percutaneous Nephrostomies placed by the Radiology Department UHWI 1
Conduct Disorder 1
Conducting an educational Research for the PhD degree in Mathematics 1
Conservation of Biodiversity, Improvement of Production and Exploitation of Tropical Tuber Crops for Sustainable Development, Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Molecular Biology 1
Consumer Culture and Behaviour 1
Consumer Economics 1
Consumer knowledge of, attitude towards, and perception of genetically modified foods 1
Contemporary Political Theory 1
Coping with "crises"/change in higher education - US Research Universities and Britain with a view to making comparisons with the Caribbean 1
Corporate Communication and Self Presentation 1
Corporate Training 1
Correlation of fine needle aspiration cytology and the histopathology of salivary gland lesions 1
Corruption 1
Creation and linguistic analysis of a database of spoken French of Jamaican learners of French 1
Creation of DNA profiles for some Jamiacan trees 1
Creolizing Theory: Anglophone CAribbean Criticism in the Twentieth Century 1
Cricket Development at the Base of Caribbean Societies 1
Crime 1
Crime and criminal justice in the Caribbean 1
Crime and punishment in Jamaica in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries 1
Crime control 1
Criminology 1
Cross-Cultural comparison of sexual and romantic jealousy in Senegalese and Jamaican Women 1
Cultural capital in Jamaica 1
Culture of Enslaved Africans 1
Culture, reggae and Dancehall 1
Dancehall Philosophy 1
Danger Detection and Non-verbal Communication 1
Debt 1
Decision Science 4
Decreased risk of postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) after emergency versus elective open cholecystectomy: Implications for a different approach to PONV prophylaxis 1
Defensiveness in Employees 1
Defining and Measuring Remittance Flows to Caribbean Countries: The Case of Jamaica 1
Degenerative disc disease of the Lumbar spine on MRI-who, where and some associations 1
Degradation and fate of pesticides and their metabolities 1
Democracy and Democratization 1
Democracy and Governance 1
Demographic analysis 1
Densified GPS measurements to determine the activity of individual Jamaican faults 1
Depo medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) therapy for uterine myomata prior to surgery 1
Depression among 4th form students in St.Vincent and the Grenadines (DM Thesis) 1
Depression Among Fourth-Form Students in Three High Schools in KIngston, Jamaica 1
Depression in Adolescence:New Developments 1
Determinants of Migrant Remittances: The CARICOM experience 1
Determination of the levels of Acrylamide (possible carcinogen) in Jamaican Foods 1
Developing, piloting and implementing syllabus for CXC in music 1
Development 2
Development Economics 2
Development Issues 1
Development of a model for post natal care aimed at reducing long term morbidity and late maternal mortality 1
Development of Low Cost Community-based Intervention Programmes for the Severely Mentally Ill: A Feasibility Study 1
Development of Multielement Analysis Methods for Industriak Materials, UWI/IDB R&D Project 1
Development of poly-pyridyl-like molecular sensors 1
Development of the Philosophy Discipline, Programme and Faculty at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Kingston, Jamaica 1
Development Planning and Policy 1
Development Studies 1
Developmental and Conduct Disorders and Rehabilitations 1
Diaspora & Migration 1
Dictionary of Caribbean Women 1
Digital topographic analysis and topographic signature identification, including geocomputational and mathematical analyses of land surfaces 1
Dionne Brand's - A Door to the Map of No Return 1
Disabilities - Disabilities Studies and Management 1
Disability Studies 1
Disaster Mitigation and Risk Reduction Environment and Sustainable Development. 1
Disaster Preparedness and Response 1
Disaster Reduction and Management 1
Discourse of Development -CARICOM, Small States, Vulnerabilities 1
Documentary film on Haitian Independence 1
Documentation of Neuropsychiatric Research in the Caribbean 1
Domestic and international criminal justice policy-drug and immigration policy analysis 1
Double blind randomized trial on the Use of Interceed on oviducts and incisions versus incision to increase pregnancy rates post myomectomy 1
Double Independent Rerading at Screening Mammography with Arbitration at the UHWI: The initial experience 1
Drug problem 1
Drug use and abuse in urban and rural High schools in Jamaica 1
DVT at the UHWI-clinical associations and predisposing factors 1
Dynamic Panel Empirical Evidence of Exchange Rate Regimes: A Common Currency Case for the CSME 1
Early English Jamaica 1
Early musical education and field experiences of student teachers 1
Early-Onset Type 2 Diabetes: Metabolic and Genetic Characterization in Mexico and Jamaica 1
Eating Disorders 1
Eating Disorders, 1
Ecological Theory 1
Econometric Theory 1
Econometrics 1
Econometrics/Time Series 1
Economic and Social Development 1
Economic burden of chronic diseases in the CARICOM states 1
Economic Contribution of Seniors to Development 1
Economic Development 1
Economic Development Policy 1
Economic Modeling 1
Economic thought in the English-speaking Caribbean Academic and Pre-Academic 1
Economics 1
Economics of Education 1
Economics of Religion 1
Economics of Sport 1
Economics of technological change and development 1
Education 1
Education policies of Caribbean States, 1500-1990 1
Education Policy 1
Educational Administration 1
Effect of breakfast on long-term school achievement in Jamaican children. 1
Effectiveness of Papaya poultice as an enzymatic debriding wound dressing 1
Effects of haemoglobin concentration per trimesters on perinatal outcomes 1
Effects of Music on Learning and aggression 1
Electioneering 1
Electoral laws/Electoral reform 1
Electoral matters 1
Electoral systems 1
Electron Transfer reactions of dinuclear molybdenum (V) complexes 1
Electron transfer reactions with di-nuclear iron (III) cyanobridged complex with sulfite, ascorbic acid and other reducing agents 1
Electronic Governance 1
Emerging, opportunistic parasitic infections in patients with HIV/AIDS 1
Emperical Analysis of the Financial Experiences of Mexico and Jamaica in the Mid 1990's 1
Empirical Macroeconomics 1
Empyema thoracic in Jamaica (6 yr study) 1
Endoscopic (Laparoscopic) Surgical Procedures 1
Energy and macronutrient analysis of Jamaican based convenience foods 1
Energy Economics 1
Energy Economics/Electric Power Industry, 1
Energy Efficiency and the BOP Deficits-BOP Constrained Growth 1
Energy requirements, body composition, and cardio vascular risk in Jamaica adults 1
Enhancing the Function and Impact of Nursing "Leadership Hubs "A knowledge transfer and exchange strategy for HIV & AIDS policy development in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. 1
Enteroviral infection 1
Entrepreneurship 1
Environmental Assessment of Ardenic in the Parish of St.Elizabeth 1
Environmental Economics 1
Epidemiology of Angiostrongylus cantonensis infection in Jamaicans 1
Epidemiology of emerging opportunistic parasitic infections in persons living with HIV/AIDS in Jamaica 1
Epidemiology of nosocomial fungemia at the University Hospital of the West Indies 1
Escherichia coli susceptibility to co-amoxiclav after 15 years of use 1
Essay-writing handbook for Jamaican student-teachers 1
Ethics 1
Ethnographic Study of Centenarians in Jamaica 1
Ethnopharmacology 1
Ethnopharmacology(screening of local plant extracts for pharmacological activities 1
Euro-transatlantic Relations 1
Evaluating the relationship between physical affection and violence 1
Evaluation and integration of molecular based assays in the diagnosis and monitoring of Acute and chronic hepatitis B and C infections at the UHWI. 1
Evaluation of a multidisciplinary cultural therapy team approach as a risk-reduction intervention in violence and high-risk behaviours at an inner-city school in Kingston, Jamaica 1
Evaluation of a multidisciplinary cultural therapy team approach as a risk-reduction intervention in violence and high-risk behavious at an inner-city school in Kingston, Jamaica 1
Evaluation of risk factors in renal disease in pregnancy 1
Evaluation of screening, referal and early childhood interventions for children 0-8 years old at risk for under and over-nutrition and poor growth in Jamaica 1
Evaluation of Social Programmes 1
Evaluation of teh use of Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Tests at the UHWI 1
Evaluation of the incidence and causes of maternal mortality 1998-2003 and the efficiency of the maternal mortality surveillance system at identifying incident cases 1
Evaluation of the Knowledge, Practices and Concerns of Physicians to influenza pandemic preparedness in Jamaica 1
Evaluation of the technical component of the Primary Education Support Project 1
Examination of Aspects of Emotional Health Among Clients with HIV Infection, connective tissue Disorders and a matched Comparison Group in Jamaica 1
Examining Teachers' Attitudes Toward Teaching Physical Education 1
Examining whether different regions in the United States have different reactions to monetary policy 1
Exchange Market Pressure and Reserve Fluctuations: The Mid 1990s Mexican Experiences 1
Exchange Market Pressure, Sterilized Intervention and Monetary Policy in Ghana 1
Export Processing Zones-the Caribbean Experience: The case of Jamaica and the Dominican Republic 1
Exposure to airborne asbestos in Jamaican Hospitals 1
Extraction and characterisation of constituents of essential oils from local aromatic plants 1
Extranodal lymphomas of the head and neck 1
Factors contributing to access to information in the Caribbean 1
Factors related to academic performance of undergraduate students at UWI, Mona 1
Family and Women Owned Businesses 1
Family Relationships (specifically with adolescents) 1
Family Structures and Parenting 1
Fatty liver study 1
Federation in the Eastern Caribbean 1
Fertility, Birth Spacing and Reproductive Health 1
Fifty three additional projects, accumulating on a list of research questions, are also being explored 1
Finance 1
Financial and tax management 1
Financial Economics, 1
Financial sector behaviour in the Caribbean 1
Financial sector crises 2
Financial Sector Development and Economic Growth 1
Financing Agriculture in Jamaica: An Assessment 1
Flagaman 1
Followership 1
Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment 1
Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency: Evidence from Latin America and Asian Countries 1
Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in a creolophone country: Implications 1
French Rural History since the Old Rgime 1
Gallbladder polyposis 1
Gallstone ileus in homozygous sickle cell disease 1
Gang violence 1
Garrison communities 1
Gender 3
Gender (Women and the Law) and Crime 1
Gender and ethnic minority representation 1
Gender and Socio-Economic Outcomes 1
Gender and Theory in past and Contemporary Caribbean History 1
Gender differences and neuroendocrine regulation of cognition 1
Gender differences in coping responses and beliefs about infertility between Jamaican men and women undergoing In Vitro Fertilisation 1
Gender issues particularly research and counselling for victims of abuse, physical, psychological and sexual 1
Gender Socialisation in the Caribbean 1
Genetic and dietary factors in cervical and cancer 1
Genetic and dietary factprs in prostate cancer 1
Genetic and Nutritional Factors in Human Disease - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 1
Geochemical Mapping of Jamaican Soils, MPEC Research Fellowship Project 1
Geographic Information Systems 1
Global Positioning Satellite systems 1
Globalisation 1
Globalisation and Development 1
Globalization 1
Globalization and the Jamaican Macroeconomy 1
Goal Oriented Adolescent Life Skills (GOALS) - A peer led AIDS prevention program for adolescents in Jamaica 1
Governance, Caribbean Leadership 1
Grass Root Political Movements 1
Green Issues in Tourism 1
Green Marketing in Travel & Tourism 1
Habitat and biodiversity conservation in Cockpit Country and Black River Morass of Jamaica 1
Haitian Literature and Culture, French Antillean Literature, Comparative Literature, French Foreign Language Teaching, Teaching of Translation. 1
Haitian migration to Jamaica in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries 1
Haitian radicalism and foreign relations after the U.S. Occupation (1915-1934) 1
Haitian Revolution; Morant Bay Rebellion 1
Health developmental and behavioural outcomes for Jamaican adolescents at15-16 years old 1
Health Economics 1
Health, development and behaviour of Jamaica's adolescents at 15-16 years 1
Hemispheric Free Trade: Caribbean Priorities 1
Hepatic Lobectomy in the Management of Secondary Malignant Disease 1
Heterogeneous Electron Tranfer Rates of polypyridyl ruthenium (II) complexes 1
Historic Landscape of Jamaica 1
History of Political Thought 1
History of the Department of Economics covering the period of establishment in 1955 to the present 1
HIV Heteroduplex mobility Analysis Subtyping 1
HIV infection, sexual abuse and social support in Jamaican adolescents referred to a psychiatrric service 1
HIV Seroprevalence, Uptake of Interventions to Reduce Mother-To-Child Transmissions and Birth Outcomes in Greater Kington, Jamaica 1
HIV/AIDS and Teacher Education 1
HLA and other molecular investigations on insulin dependent diabetes 1
Hospitality Green/Environmental Management 1
Hotel Environmental Auditing 1
Human Resource Management 2
Hydrothermal synthesis of Boehmite and Alumina nanomaterials from bauxite waste liquor 1
Hyperparathyroidism in Jamaica, A 21 year review 1
Hyperparathyroidism in Jamaica, A 21 year review. 1978-1999 1
Hypersensitivity reactions to local anaesthtic agents used in Dental Practice 1
Hypnosis 1
Hypnotherapy as a tool for recovery 1
Hypoglycin in Blighia sapida (Ackee) and its possible role in Prostate Cancer Occurrence in Jamaican Men 1
ICT for political development 1
ICT Policy and Technology 1
Identities in Organization 1
Impact of Cockroach infestation on asthma symptoms in children 2-12 years 1
Impact of cockroach infestation on asthma symptoms in children 2-12 years old 1
Impact of Cockroach Infestation on the Development and Severity of Asthma in Children 1
Impact of cockroach infestationon asthma symptoms in children 2-12 years old 1
Impact of Globalization on Agriculture, Manufacture and Mining Industries in Jamaica 1
Impact of New Media Technology on Developing Markets 1
Impact of the Family Medicine component on third-year students during their Community Health rotation 2
Improvement of Community Health in the Hope RIver Valley through Lead Abatement 1
Incidence of infection in elective orthopaedic cases 1
Incidence of PDPH in obstetric patients at the UHWI 1
Incidence of PDPH in patients needing LP for radiological and haematological reasons at the UHWI 1
Incidence of PDPH with pencil point vs. Quincke spinal needles in obstetric patients at the UHWI 1
Incidence of spenules in a random sample of laparotomized Jamaican patients and implications for attempting splenorrhaphy for rupture 1
Indigenous Issues 1
Industrial Organization 1
Infanticide in European History 1
INfections in Neurosurgical Patients Admitted to the INtensive Care Unit (ICU) at the UHWI 1
Influenza Pandemic Surveillance and Research Opportunities in the Caribbbean 1
Informal economy 1
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Development 1
Information and communication technologies and their application within the education systems in the Caribbean 1
Information services for the disabled in the Caribbean 1
Information Systems 1
Information technology applications in Jamaican libraries 2
Inorganic reactions mechanisms 1
Input-Output Analysis, 1
Institutional Management 1
Institutionalist Economics 1
International Business Management 2
International Development Policy 1
International Economics 1
International Financial Economics 1
International Law 1
International Political Economy 1
International Politics 1
International Relations of the Caribbean 1
International Trade 2
Interviews with Jamaican educators 1
Intimate partner violence 2
INtrauterine insemination for the treatment of subfertility at the University Hospital of the West Indies: success rates and evaluation of prognostic factors 1
Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in Canadian children with Sickle Cell Disease: pre and post-pneumococcal conjugate vaccine era 1
Investigating Mathematics at the CXC general proficiency level 1
Investigation of Heavy Metals in the Jamaican Environment 1
Investigation of marine organisms in Jamaican waters for bioactive metabolites 1
Investigation, characterisation and identification of secondary metabolites from several folklore medicinal plants 1
Is Gastric cancer associated with H.Pylori infection in Jamaica? 1
Isolation of pure compounds from marine algal species 1
Issues related to†child and adolescent psychology 1
Jamaica Country Evaluation: Assessment of Development Results (ADR) - Poverty and Governance 1
Jamaica economic history 1
Jamaica in the 19th and 20th centuries 1
Jamaican Pharmacist and HIV / AIDS: a knowledge, attitudes, belief and practices survey 1
Jamaican Pharmacist and HIV/AIDS: a knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices survey 1
Jaw Bone Tumoursi n Jamaica: Radiological aspect, Clinical aspect, management 1
Jewish Refugees and Enemy Aliens in Jamaica during World War II 1
Juvenile Delinquency 1
Juvenile periodontitis and autogeneous bone grafting 1
Juvenile periodontitis in Jamaica. (Radiology) 1
Karst geomorphology and geomorphometry 1
Kinematic and Clinical Evaluation of young Fastbowlers i Jamaica and Susceptability to Back Injury 1
Labour Policy and Relations, Human Resources Development 1
Land and Pleasant Development in Jamaica, 1838-1938 1
Latin American Cinema, Literature and Afro-Hispanic Literature 1
Leadership 1
Learning Styles of Third-year Medical Students 1
Leisure time physical activity and risk of obesity in Jamaican children, aged 9-12 years 1
Letter to the Editor Screening for Postpartum Depression 1
Lexical and syntactic dimension of the contact of French and Creole in Haiti 1
Lilia Momple's Neighbours 1
Literacy and health seeking behaviour of parents with children attending clinic at the Community Health Centre 1
Literary Representation of Haitian labour migration 1
Literature and Education for Sustainable Development 1
Loneliness among Students attending the UNiversity of the West Indies, Mona 1
Long-term dynamics and recovery of uncut and cut sites within a dry forest over limestone, and the implication for its management. 1
Macro/Monetary Economics 1
Macroeconomic Determinants of remittances Flows to Jamaica 1
Macroeconomics 2
Malaria and Leptospirosis as possible causes of fever during and epidemic of dengue in Jamaica 1
Male infertility, incidence and aetiological factors and treatment options 1
Male marginalisation and gender changes in society and the education system 1
Male Sexuality 1
Managerial Communication 1
Manchester Health and Lifestyle Survey !! to determine the prevalence of non-communicable diseases and the influence on health seeking behaviours and lifestyle following a health promotion intervention 1
Market Culture Research 1
Marketing 2
Masculinity 2
Mass Media and Politics 1
Mass Murders 1
Mass/Elite Political Communication, Symbolism, & Cognition 1
Mathematics 1
Mathematics teachers' perspective on their current practice and how they view their practice in light of their training and expectations of significant others 1
Matrix Analysis 1
Measurement of Underground Economy and Implications for Policy: A Critical Review 1
Measurements of air pollution in the Kingston atmosphere, conducted at 10 sites around the city using passive monitors developed in the Department of Chemistry 1
Measuring the Co-morbidity of Substance Abuse, Violence, Psychopathology, Help-Seeking Behaviour and Attitudes towards Substance Abuse, Violence, Mental Illness and the Afflicted 1
Mechanism of resistance in Staphylococcus aureus 1
Media and Politics 1
Medicinal Plants. Plants, mainly from the Labiatae, Scrophulariaceae and Capparaceae families, are being examined to isolate and characterise the major natural products 1
Mega-trial of Safety and Efficacy of Pentavalent (G1, G2, G3, G4, and P1) Human Reassortant Rotavirus Vaccine in Healthy Infants 1
Mental Emotional Release Therapy (Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Hurt, Test Anxiety) 1
Mercury in Jamaican fish 1
Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Business Policy 1
Microbial transformations. Natural products of agricultural and pharmaceutical interest are structurally modified by selected strains of fungi in an effort to produce a range of new analogues with enhanced bioactivity 1
Microbiology of Juvenile periodontitis in Jamaica 1
Migration 1
Migration Studies 1
Mindfulness and Self-Compassion 1
Minor Oral Surgery(including Exodontia) under local anaesthesia in Community Dental practice 1
Mitigation of Lead Hazards in Kintyre/Hope Flats 1
Modern Spanish/Latin American Culture. 1
Molecular Analyses of Indigenous Caribbean Plant Crops for Economic Development and Health Purposes - Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Molecular Biology 1
Molecular Analysis of CSF and Serum in neuro HIV/AIDS patients at the UHWI, Jamaica. 1
Molecular epidemiology of enteroviral nervous system intections in Jamaica 1
Molecular Signal Transduction Mechanisms in Diabetes Mellitus - Biochemistry 1
Molecular studies on Helicobacter pylori infecting Jamaican patients 1
Molecular typing of ceftazidime resistant Klesbsiella pneumoniae 1
Monetary and macroeconomics issues in the context of developing economies 1
Monetary economics 1
Monitoring and Evaluation 1
Morbidity of surgical treatment of breast cancer and effect or nerve-sparinig axillary lymph node dissection 1
MTBE and other volatile organic compounds in the environment 1
MtDNA haplotypes and the African Sprinter: University of Glasgow, Scotland/University of Technology and University of the West Indies (Jamaica) 1
Multicenter Trial: Safety and Efficacy of Pentavalent Human-Bovine Reassortant Rotavirus Vaccine in Healthy Infants 1
Multigrade teaching and learning in Jamaican schools 1
Multiresistant Escherichia coli 1
Multivariate analysis 1
My research activity on the epidemiology of neurologic diseases in Jamaican children 1
Narratives of Fatherhood 1
National Security 1
Natural products from selected species of the endemic Jamaica flora 1
Neo-Ricardian Price Theory/Classical Political Economy, 1
Neuro-biological Anthropology 1
Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) 1
Neuroendocrine Regulation of Learning & Memory: Interactions Between Gender, Oestrogen and Testosterone Variations and the Dopaminergic Mesolimbic System 1
Neuroendoscopy in Jamaica 1
Neuroprotective effects of Oestrogen on learning and memory in aged animals 1
New and Cheap Material for Guided Tissue Regeneration 1
New Cheap Material for Guided Tissue Regeneration 1
New Media and Digital Messaging 1
Nineteenth-century social history of Jamaica 1
Nitric oxide releasing coupounds and their bioefficacies 1
Nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in ground and surface waters and their fluxes to coastal zone 1
Non-compliance issues of hypertensive patients attending Hermitage August Town Health Centre 1
Non-compliance issues of hypertensive patients attending Hermitage August Town Health Centre 1
Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) ans weight gain in urban and rural adults in Jamaica, a low middle income country in epidemiological transition. 1
Normal magnetic resonance spectroscopic values for grey and white matter and the Hippocampus in the Jamaican population 1
Normal Semen analysis in Jamaica 1
Novel Lanthanide (III) based dendritic nan0-devices: syntheses, characterisation and luminescence spectroscopy and decay dynamics 1
Nutrient pollution in Jamaican coastal waters 1
Obstetric team leader - HIV/AIDS Prevention of mother to child transmission in pregnant women 1
Ocuupational exposure to blood and bloddy fluids among health care workers and students at the UHWI 1
Older Men's Issues 1
Ontogenic And Gender Differences In The Drug-Induced Behavioural Effects Of Cocaine and Marijuana 1
Open Source Software 1
Operative morbidity of patients undergoing myomectomy compared to abdominal hysterectomy 1
Oppositional Defiant Disorder 1
Oral tori in Jamaica- clinical study 1
Organisation Development and Change 1
Organizational Behaviour Intervention 1
Organizational Development 1
Organizational Diagnosis & Intervention 1
Organizational Learning 1
OSCE development in Child Health 1
Outcome of homeless persons with mental illness, treated in two intervention programmes in Jamaica 2
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in patients undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation 1
PAHO/MInistry of Health/ UHWI Influenza Surveillance and Research 1
Pain at the bone graft site: incidence and prevention (prospective) 1
Parental attitude toward violence and its influence on children's interpretation of and response to community violence 1
Parental knowledge, attitudes and beliefs toward asthma 1
Parental stress in Jamaica 1
Parenting 1
Parents' knowledge, concerns and misconceptions about immunization: The Jamaican perspective 1
Parkinson's disease in Jamaica. Stroke - Clinical outcomes CT analysis 1
Participatory Action Research 1
Participatory and Interpretive Research Methods 1
Pediatric and Perinatal HIV/AIDS Leadership Initiative in Kingston, Jamaica 1
Peer and educator victimization of children and adolescents 1
Penetrating neck injuries: outcome of carotid artery repairs, vertebral artery injuries, laryngeal trauma 1
Pension Reform 1
Performance of students in Economics degree courses 1
Perinatal Information System pilot project 1
Pharmacology of Apoptosis 1
Philosophical Analysis of Leadership in African and African Diaspora and its relation to Society and Development 1
Philosophical Examination of Injustice and Global Violence 1
Physician knowledge and practice concerning Caribbean asthma guidelines 1
Physiological and behavioural responses of children to different stressors 1
Phytooestrogens in Jamaican foods and the impact on hormone dependent disease such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis 1
Plant-Microbe Interactions and Molecular Plant Pathology - Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 1
Pleasantness of Food: testing the manipulation of foods 1
Pneumococcal serotypes and resistance patterns in children with Sickle Cell Disease: a comparative study between a developing country and a developed country 1
Policy Analysis 1
Political Analysis 1
Political campaigning strategy 1
Political Development 1
Political economy 1
Political institutions 1
Political Institutions in Jamaica and The Lesser Antilles in the nieteenth century 1
Political Leadership 1
Political Marketing 1
Political Philosophy 1
Political Psychology/Sociology/Communication ("The Human Basis of Politics") 1
Political representation (Descriptive vs substantive representation) 1
Political Science, 1
Ponzi Schemes 1
Popular music 1
Popular music and associated health responses among female adolescents 15-19 years in three parishes if Jamaica (MPH Project report) 1
Portfolios as a means of assessment of Postgraduate Medical Students 1
Post-Traumatic Stress 1
Postcolonial Melancholy: Rethinking V.S. Naipaul and Jamaica Kincaid 1
Practicum/Field Instruction 1
Preference for SC injections through a cannula inserted under GA or IM injections of opioids used for postoperative pain relief 1
Pregnancy Outcome and Maternal Weight Gain in Women with Homozygous SS Disease and Birth Outcome 2
Preoperative assessment of patients and usefulness of routine testing 1
Prevalence of Depression and itsCo-morbidity in Jamaica 1
Prevalence of chronic renal failure in Diabetic Patients 1
Prevalence of Depression among 4th form High School Students in St. Kitts and Nevis 1
Prevalence of Depression and its Co-morbidity in Jamaica 1
Prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting:trial of a natural, pre-operative hepatic P450 enzyme induction agent 1
Prinatal Outcome of Women With Intracranial Neoplasms 1
Principal Investigator-PAHO funded study of "Dietary and lifestyle factors related to risk of obesity and hypertension in Jamaican women:implications for health promotion 1
Private Sector Development 1
Production Alternative for the Regional Sugar Industry 1
Professionalization of Primary and Secondary Education in Jamaica 1
Program evaluation 1
Programme Evaluation 1
Programme Planning 1
Programming of body composition ans metabolic syndrome in African origin children 1
Project Management 1
Project Management and Public Policy. 1
Project Title: Oxidative Stress and Androgen Receptor Mutations in male infertility and ICSI cycles 1
Prostate Cancer in Jamaica: The Contribution of Diet and Lifestyle factors 2
Psycho-social impacts of sickle cell disease 1
Psychohistoriographic short term psychotherapy 1
Psychological Assessment 1
Psychological Assessment and Interventions 1
Psychometrics 1
Psychosocial and academic correlates of stress in Jamaican adolescents: a biochemical study 1
Psychotherapy 1
Public Finance 2
Public Management 1
Public Policy 2
Public policy analysis and management 1
Public Private Partnership 1
Public Sector Management 1
Public Sector Management, 1
Public Sector Multilateral Programme Management Administration 1
Qualitative health research (chronic diseases) 1
Qualitative Research (Narrative Methodology) 1
Quality of life assessment in a cohort of HIV-infected children in the KPAIDS Program 1
Quality of life assessment ina group of persons living with HIV / AIDS in Jamaica 1
Quantitative & Qualitative Political Research Methodology 1
Quantitative Data Analysis 1
Quantitative Research Methods 1
Race and Social Stratification 1
Race and Ethnicity 1
Race and Politics in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: The Centre for Ethnic Studies 1
Race, Violence and Decolonization 1
Radiology of Dental Implants 1
Radiology of fibro-osseous lesions of the Jaw bone in Jamaica 1
Randomized controlled trial of rectal misoprotol compared to intramuscular syntometrine for management of the third stage of labour 1
Randomized trial of EMLA A versus local anesthitic injection for analgesia during rubber band ligation of hemorrhoids 1
Randomized trial of the efficacy of superficial versus deep intraoperative local anesthetic injection in preventing postoperative pain 1
Randon Walk as a Universal Test of Weah-form Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency: A Theoretical Proof 1
Rastafari Studies 1
Re-examination of the role of anti-platelet agents in the management of pregnancy induced hypertension 1
Regional Economic Integration 1
Regional economic integration 1
Regionalism in a Globalized Age 1
Relationship between violent death of a loved one and psychological well being in adolescent boys 1
Relationships among selected learner variables and a sample of Jamaican upper sixth graders' performance in genetics 1
Remittances 1
Remote sensing 1
Renewable energy studies 1
Repositional flap surgery in Community Dental Practice 1
Reproductive health 1
Reproductive health and development 1
Rereading Cuban Anti-slavery Narrative 1
Research Interests: 1
Research Methods 3
Research Methods (Quantitative and Qualitative) 1
Research Methods and Empirical Analysis 1
Research on reduplication in Caribbean Creole languages 1
Retrospective analysis of male factors in infertility in a cohort of infertile Jamaican couples. 1
Risk factors and aetiology of hospital acquired infection at the UHWI 1
Role of Amniocentesis for Patient Selection Prior to Rescue Cerclage(ABC Trial) 1
Salt Sensitivity to dietary reduction of sodium intake 1
School discipline and students' disruptive behaviours in Jamaican High schools 1
School Engagement 1
School Factors Associated with Depression 4th form High School in St. KItts 1
School Factors Associated with Depression in a Bahamian High School Cohort 1
School Factors Associated with Depression in a Jamaican High School Cohort 1
Science, Technology and Innovation for Development 1
Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 1
Science-technology-developement policy 1
Seasonal Prediction of Caribbean Climate 1
Second phase of evaluating computer usage in schools by secondary level students 1
Security and International Relations theories 1
Security threats 1
Sedation for Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: A comparative study of midazolam and diazepam 1
Seismic Microzonation of Kingston using 2D Finite Difference and Modal Summation Technique 1
Selection Issues in Health Insurance 1
Self-esteem, school performance and behaviour in Jamaican adolescents 1
Sepsis in the Intensive Care Unit (determining the incidence of positive sputum, blood and urine cultures, organisms and their resistance patterns and risk factors. A suitable empiric antibiotic protocol was suggested) 1
Serial testing for splenic function recovery after splenectomy as an indicator for doscontinuing antibiotic prophylaxis 1
Sexual Assault 1
Sexual identity 1
Sexuality in History 1
Signs for flow-meters 1
Single limb trauma in the A&E-Plain X-ray results 1
Sinonasal inverted papilloma 1
Skin Bleaching among patient at dermatology clinic at the UHWI 1
Skin bleaching/body modification 1
Small States and Global Society 1
Social and cultural development 1
Social and political history of nineteenth century Jamaica 1
Social Policy Analysis, Social Research Methods 1
Social Policy In Modern Industrial Societies 1
Social programme evaluation 1
Social psychology 1
Social relations and the political economy 1
Social Theory 1
Social Violence 1
Social Work - Administration & Management 1
Social work administration 1
Social work advocacy 1
Society, politics and culture in post-emancipation Guyana 1
Society, property and family relations in a French rural parish: Boisset since 1700 1
Sociodemographic Characteristics of Deportees in Community Residential Facilities 2
Sociodemograpic Characteristics of Deportees in Community Residential Facilities 1
Sociology of Punishment 1
Soil Erosion and Agricultural Development in Jamaica and the Wider Caribbean 1
Some Genetic and Biochemical Links between Gestational Diabetes and Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) in the Jamaican Population 1
Sosua, Dominican Republic: a Caribbean refuge from Nazism 1
South-South Cooperation 1
Sport and Politics 1
Sports Psychology and Motivation 1
Stakeholders accountability in Secondary Education in Jamaica 1
Standards in education in the Caribbean 1
State sovereignty 1
Statistical Analysis 1
Strategic Marketing 1
Strategic Planning for Infusion of Technology in Education: A study of the planning process of teachers and school administrators involved in the National Housing Trust's "Computers in Schools Project" in all 14 parishes 1
Strategy 1
Strengthening nurses' capacity in HIV Policy Development in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. 1
Stress responses of tropical bacteria 1
Structural, microscopic and DSC studies of lead (II), zinc(II) and lithium carboxylates 1
Structure of the Jamaican crust from modeling Receiver Functions 1
Student perception of the 'educational environment ' at the Faculty of Medical Sciences UWI,Mona 1
Studies on extent of pollution by the gasoline additive, Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) in Ground-water and Soil 1
Study of Developing Integrated Response of Health Care Systems to Rapid Population Ageing 1
Study of "Developing Integrated Response of Health Care Systems to Rapid Population Ageing" 1
Sub-fascial haematomas following Pfannenstiel incision is a sub-fascial drain justified 1
Suicide in Jamaica 1996-2002 2
Supply Chain Management 1
Surgery in the Elderly-Is age a risk factor? 1
Survey Research, Perceptual Measurement, Social Data Visualisation 1
Surviving the First Year of Teaching: A Case study of the Induction Experiences of Three newly Qualified Teachers of History 1
Sustainable human and social development including: civil society roles & social participation (including policy advocacy) 1
Sustainable social and community development 1
Sustainable Tourism & Eco Tourism 1
Sustainable Tourism Development Planing & Polices 1
Symtoms of Depression Among CLients Attending HIV Clinics in Jamaica 1
Synovial Saroma of the Sterno-clavicular Joint 1
Syntheses, structure and luminescence spectroscopy of rare earth nanoclusters, their interactions with quantum dots, potential applications in diagnostic and therapeutic biomedicine and catalysis 1
Synthesis and chemistry of some biologically active heterocyclic compounds and their analogues 1
Synthesis and structure determination of sulfito-chromium (III) macrocyclic complexes. 1
Tax Reform in the Caribbean Region 1
Taxation 1
Teacher Education and curriculum reform 1
Teaching and Research 1
Team Building/Group Facilitation/Group Dynamics 1
Technical co-operation in the development process 1
Technology and Slavery 1
Telecommunications and Broadcasting regulation 1
Ten Year Review of Breeast Cancer at the KPH 1
Term structure of interest rates as means of forecasting interest rates and inflation in developing economies 1
Terrorism and†political violence 1
Tertiary Education and Performance 1
Tetanuis: A Recurring Intensive Care Problem in Jamaica 1
Textbook rental schemes in urban and rural High schools in Jamaica 1
The adoption of environmental education in Jamaican teachers' colleges 1
The Art of Clash 1
The Black family in Jamaica, 1834-1882 1
The Black Family in Post - Slavery Jamaica 1
The City in British, American and postcolonial fiction 1
The Clinical Epidemology of Toxocariasis in Jamaican Children 1
The combined effects of different stressors and marijuana on behaviour 1
The contribution of diet to prostate cancer in Jamaica: a case-control study 1
The cultural history of Jamaica, 1865-1920 1
The development of strategies to improve full literacy in Jamaica using multiple modalities to teach adult literacy learners 1
The Economics of Crime, Corruption and Terrorism 1
The effect of a redesigned teaching curriculum on medical students' performance in the final examination at the University of the West Indies 1
The effect of a redesigned teaching curriculum on medical students' performance in the final examination at the University of the West Indies 2
The Effect of Introduction of Misoprostol for Induction of Labour on Pregnancy of Outcome in Gravida's With Pre-Eclampsia 1
The effect of Iron (Fe) on abnormal menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia) 1
The effect of Iron on haemoglobin during pregnancy per trimester in relation to foetal outcome 1
The effect of pelvic peritoneal stripping on fertility rates in women with Endometriosis 1
The effects of iron on abnormal menstrual bleed (menorrhagia) 1
The epidemiology of respiratory infections 1
The epidemiology, clinical presentation and outcome of fungal hair and scalp infection at the University Hospital of the West Indies 1
The frequency of CDC-defined clinical conditions among children with HIV/AIDS 1
The history of Chinese Economic Thought 1
The History of the Muslim Ummah in Jamaica 1
The HLA and reactive arthritis 1
The HLA human immunonodeficiency virus associations in Jamaicans 1
The home, social and educational background of students entering the secondary school system in relation to their level of achievement in reading in a selected number of secondary schools 1
The Impact of Globalization on West Indies Cricket 1
The implementation of the revised primary curriculum: A study of Jamaican school teachers and their concerns 1
The Importance of Practice in Learning to Teach Physical Education: The Case for an Extended Practicum 1
The incidence and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of baterial and fungal isolates from blood, sputum and urine samples in the Intensive Care Univt, UHWI 1
The incidence of autoimmune antibodies in patients with recurrent abortions 1
The influence of parental presence on child behaviour and development 1
The Jamaican Breast Disease Study 1
The JCAMP-DX spectroscopic data format and distribution of scientific data via the WWW 1
The molecular analysis of endemic and emerging influenzza viruses in Jamaica 1
The molecular epidemiology of the human immunodeficiency virus - type 1 in Jamaica 1
The Neurobiology of Drug Addiction: Neurophysiological and Behavioural Mechanisms Associated with Addiction 1
The Pharmacology of Nutraceutical Compounds 1
The place of Philosophy in Distance Education Curriculum Development and Application 1
The Political Economy of Jamaica's Inner City Electoral Contests 1
The Politics of Hybridity and Caribbean Studies 1
The Politics of Latin American Integration:Past experiences and future projections 1
The problems and prospects of the double shift system of schooling in Jamaica 1
The reassessment of existing explanations of feminisation of teaching in light of historical and contemporary data from different parts of the world 1
The Redemption Song Monument: A Mirrir of Jamaica's Socio-Cultural and Aesthetic Heritage 1
The relationship between financial sector intermediation and economic growth: and the effects of financial sector fragility 1
The Role of Family as Case Managers in the Mental Health Care Services 1
The role of haemorheological changes in the development of peripheral vascular disease in diabetes mellitus 1
The role of the family as Case Managers in the Mental Health Care Services 2
The role of viremia in the pathogenesis of influenza infections 1
The Role of West Indies Cricket in National/Regional Development 1
The serological prevalence of influenza types and subtypes in jamaica 1
The Slave Trade and Plantation Management in Jamaica 1
The social and psychological impact of skin disorders on patients attending the Dermatology Outpaitient Clinic, UHWI 1
The Social Issues Associated with Development/Under-Development 1
The structure,regeneration ecology, and amphibian fauna of Jamaica's remaining limestone forests 1
The Syntax of Negotion in Jamaican Creole 1
The synthesis of 2-Amino-4-vinylthiazoles, a route to benzothiazoles and other Fused Ring Systems 1
The synthesis of an Aryl Analogue of Curracin A 1
The Synthesis of Conformationally Restricted Analogues of the Hypotensive Agent Caracasanamide 1
The use of BioGran in Sinus lifts & Oral bony defects. Sandwich Techniques 1
The Validation of the Beck Depression Inventory in a general population i n Jamaica 1
The Validation of the Brief Screen for Depression in a clinical population in Jamaica 1
The Validation of the Brief Screen for Depression in a general population in Jamaica 1
The value of thyroid antibody screening in predicting risk for thyroid dysfunction and postpartum depression 1
The West African sources of Jamaican Creole grammar and lexicon 1
The World Bank and Good Governance:New Directions in the Lending Policies Multilateral Development Agencies 1
Theoretical†and Applied Econometrics.† 1
Time Series Econometrics 1
Tourism 3
Tourism and the GATS: Issues for CARICOM countries in the WYO Built-In Agenda Negotiations 1
Tourism, Development & the Environment 1
Toxicology (currently the toxicities of the herbicide paraquat and the unripe ackee fruit) 1
Trace element status of patients with diabetes mellitus 1
Trace elements in placenta 1
Transfer of Head Injured Patients in Jamaica: Is there a problem? 1
Transitional Justice 1
Transitional Justice and Truth Commissions 1
Transitions to Adulthood 2
Translation of Chiriboga's En la noche de viernes 1
Transnational Politics 1
Trauma 1
Traumatic Brain Injury 1
Treatment of Hyperemesis Gravidarum with Steroids 1
Triage Decisions and Outcome among the Critically Ill at the UHWI 1
Tropical Psychrotrophs 1
Twins and uterine fibroids 1
Two Component Sensory Transduction in Cyanobacteria - Molecular Biology 1
U.S.A. Culture, History, Political Behaviour 1
Understanding the mechanisms that drive climate variability within the Caribbean 1
United States Politics,Culture & Social History 1
University-community partnerships and Regional Development 1
Uptake of "Triple screen" for Down's Syndrome 1
Urban Education with emphasis on inner city schools 1
Urban Renewal 1
Urban Sub-culture and Gangs 1
Urbanization and Housing 1
US Foreign Policy; Foreign Aid & Development 1
US-Pakistan in Post-Cold War Era 1
Use of ICTs to Enable Business Innovation 1
Use of Information Technology in Foreign Language Teaching. 1
Use of Natural Products in the Treatment of Diadetes - Plant Biochemistry and Endocrinology 1
Use of Plant-Derived Products in Immunopharmacology 1
Usefulness of red mud in Portland cement concrete building materials 1
Using art as a diagnostic tool for mental illness 1
Vaginal Examination:a new approach to an old dilemma 1
Validation of the Beck Depression INventory-II in a Jamaican University Student Cohort 1
Vancomycin resistant enterococci in Dialysis Patients 1
Violence against women 2
Violence and Aggression at a Kingston High School 1
Viral central nervous system infection 1
Viral respiratory tract infection 1
Virtual communities 1
Voices from Slavery 1
Volunteerism 1
Vomiting Post Tonsillectomy with or without other upper airways or oural procedure 1
Vomiting Post-tonsillectomy (determining the incidence,risk factors and alleviating factors-steroids were found to be the most significant relieving agents) 1
Vulnerability to climate Change within the Caribbean 1
Watershed Degradation and Economic Growth For Jamaica 1
West Indian missionaries in the Niger Mission to Southeastern Nigeria, 1896-1925 1
Whipple's Pancreatico-Duodenectomy at the KPH 1
Women in the missionary enterprise 1
Women's writing as sources of Caribbean history 1
Work Motivation 1
Workplace cultural diversity 1
Workplace Wellness Programmes 1
Young menís Experiences of Female Teachers 1
Youth and Cultural Policies 1
Youth Mainstreaming and Development 1
Youth Poverty 1
Zinc supplementation on growth of infants 1